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What college major combines business and technology?

Asked by rogersroger
What college major combines business and technology? I will be attending Ohio State next fall and as of now I am undeclared for my major. I have interests in business (finance, accounting, econ, etc) and computers (design, technology, programming, networking). Although I do not want to major in anything related to engineering because I am not extremely good with science and I just would rather have an office type job in a large city than be an engineer. What major do you recommend?

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Answered by Tommy G.
My sister did her degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She currently uses her degree to manage both IT and Business Unit direct reports. Her understanding of the Oracle DB (she's a certified super-user)and actual business operations (finance, marketing, strategy, etc.) allows her to manage global reporting for various business units at a leading california software company. She is about 26 and makes 80K. Hope this helps...

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