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how do you survive a stressful college life?

Asked by ihavechopsticksinmyhair
im a sophomore at my university, and it is driving me off the edge, my college life stopped being fun when this semester started, i get home at 7 and 8pm and all i do is my homeworks and study for exams..i wouldnt usually complain like this until today,im usually the getting-my-degree-is-the-most-important-thing-for-me to-accomplish-if-i-dont-get-it-im-a-total-loser-type of person..but today..i dunno, i just felt this extreme not-wanting-to-study getting so stressed out, ive got tons of exams tomorrow and i still havent finished this whole Q&A that i have been working on for the past 2 weeks that i have to submit on july 4th..uhh..and im not even half way done.. so how do you guys deal with these things? well, i used to go to the gym everyday when i was a freshie. ive been told that it would, i want to go back to the gym, but the thing is, i dont have the time! i wake up at 7 in the morning, (and by next week i have to get up at 5am coz another class will be starting) and i get home at 7 or 8pm..whats worse is that i live in the philippines and that means i have to use public transport everyday and inhale all the smoke and pollution around me (i take jeepneys) do u think my stress had something to do with these given factors? and please dont give me stupid answers such as f**king a bunch of guys, coz im not that type of person..i dont smoke, i dont drink alot nor do i get drunk with friends.. as i said, i live in the philippines, our summer is over here (march-may) and it is the start of school..

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Answered by gone!
Calm your self first of all, take a deep breath and relax. then look at your situation clearly. you have a job that has to be done and you are panicking because you have not had this kind of pressure before. Take it in your stride, just do the work you are capable of, and when you have time off from studying go out and do some silly stuff with your friends who I'm sure, are feeling just the same as you. it all seems a bit too much but really it's not. It's where you want to be and one step nearer your goal. good luck!

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