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Are online degrees actually valuable?

Asked by burfette
Do companies actual choose someone with an online degree if they are up against someone with a degree from a "real life" college or university. I'm asking b/c I keep debating it for myself. And, what in what fields are online degrees most accepted? I am also not asking about taking a few courses online from a university, I'm talking about those strictly online programs.

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Answered by barb
Education always has value - no matter where you get it. However, you should get the most relevant type of education for the job you want to get. That sounds simpler than it is. If you want to work in business, there are tons of courses on line that you can take. The quality of the classes varies, that is why you should check out the source before you sign up and pay money. That is why most people who want a credible track record use on line courses from genuine schools. Believe me, employers know the diploma mills (the ones that give credit for little or no work). If you want to get a job that requires hands on experience - say auto mechanics - well, no one is going to hire a person with an academic degree to fix their car - unless you have experience fixing cars. So, figure out what you want to study, don't skimp on getting classes that meet the goals of your employment goals. When it comes time to apply for the job, your degree may not matter as much as you think. Some employers accept experience in the field in place of some education. Others accept a transcript that show the courses you took that will meet their needs. Academic achievements and work experience will get you in the door for a job interview - if you are trying to enter a new profession where you have little education and/or experience - then certainly you have some re-training to do. It won't matter where the education comes from - as long as the school has an honest reputation. good luck

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