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Ways to get college scholarships?

Asked by Shel
Right now I am a sophmore in college and I am planning on going to college as soon as I graduate. My grades are not amazing or anything because I have several severe learning disorders. I do not have time to play sports because I work everyday after school. Those are the only ways I can think of to get scholarships. I am very interested in arts and fashion programs. What are other ways to get college scholarships? Thank you so much for your help! ~Shelby

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Answered by dawncs
The best advice I could give to you is study hard at this point in your education career. Colleges and some states do reward students for their good grades in high school. I recommmend applying for every scholarship you qualify for no matter the amount because it does add up in the end. I will include some free resources to locate tuition money to attend college. First, the high school guidance office has for high school juniors and seniors a list of local scholarships. These are typically the easiest to get. Second, and your state and scholarships and grants. Third, the local public library has a book listing scholarships with some not even posted on the web. Finally, join several free membership scholarship search websites. You enter a profile, and it will search for scholarships matching it. Update your profile when something changes in your high school career. There is a scholarship for almost anything out there including wearing duct tape to the prom. Good luck!

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