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I am getting a stipend check from Ashford University but I have no idea what bank they use so i can cash it?

Asked by yomama23
I'm not presently using a regular checking account because I do all of my banking online and have had no need for tellers or cashing "checks" because of direct deposit. However, they send only checks and they don't do direct deposit so I am stuck. Do any Ashford students, past or present, know which bank they use for their stipend checks? Thanks!

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Answered by Anonymous
it sounds like you have a need now... what a crappy bank you have!!! Also ashford should give you the option of direct deposit, if not, they prob are one of those schools that is so expensive you hardly ever get a refund from them. Beware, in a few months they will be after you to borrow MORE money. Most real schools cost about 100 a credit hour... that one is about 5 times more, hence 5 times the debt...even if you are getting just grants now, it won't be for LONG!! LOL they won't tell you THAT until it's too late and you would feel crappy about wasting all that time and money there.

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