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Tuesday, 9th March 2010

Blinn or local college in my town?
A couple of my friends and I are thinking about going to Blinn college and doing TAPP. I don't know if it's best that I stay in my town and go to a local college here, or go off to Blinn. I ... more

Thursday, 20th January 2011

addmission form blinn college?
I can't find the admission form for 2011-2012!!!!! they only have the 2008-2009...... ... more

Wednesday, 20th October 2010

Community college (Blinn College) in Texas looking to transfer?
Hey guys, im gonna start with some brief history. In high school I didn't try and I attained average grades (2.8 GPA and a 1800 SAT) and just screwed around until I took a trip to London, ... more

Greg Hall
Friday, 23rd September 2011

If I go to Blinn College, will they let me transfer to UT Arlington?
I don't know if they will let me because I can't find anywhere on the website of Blinn where it says i can transfer to UT Arlington. It has TAMU, UT, Sam Houston State, Texas Tech, etc. but ... more

Sunday, 3rd June 2012

Blinn College ????....?
I am a party girl but i can also keep my head in the books does blinn have good parties or does it even have a college homecomings? And how do you get a dorm room with your bestfriend? ... more

Saturday, 26th October 2013

Is Blinn college a good choice for engineering basics?
I don't think I will get into Texas A&M engineering but thanks ok because I have a plan B. I am going to go to Blinn College and follow the Pre engineering plan and transfer in. Is that a go ... more


Tuesday, 17th March 2009

Is Blinn an open admissions college?
Pretty simple question, does anyone know if Blinn is an open admissions college? ... more

Friday, 3rd February 2012

Blinn Junior College?
do you have to have act/sat scores to get accepted to this school ... more

Saturday, 21st August 2010

blinn college dorm!!!!!!?
when should I start applying? is there an online application? or do I only have the option of mailing it to the school? ... more

Wednesday, 17th June 2009
pacman da great
Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Requirements for Blinn College & Florida State University?
What all do i need to get into these college's ... more

Thursday, 10th December 2009
fish f
Friday, 8th September 2006

Sunday, 11th December 2011

What colleges are close to College Station in Texas?
Now that it's time to start looking into colleges, I've hit a wall. My boyfriend will be attending Texas A&M College Station, and we want to stay close to each other. The only problem is I w ... more

Jason Iwunze
Saturday, 2nd November 2013

What Community College is the Best?
Between Houston Community College, Blinn College, Alvin College, Wharton County Junior College, and any other you recommend :)= __________________ In terms of the school dorm, Computer sci ... more

Rainy Days
Sunday, 13th September 2009

College help............?
Ok so i want to be a Ultra Sound Technition. But im not sure which college has a good medical program. Soo does anyone know any colleges in Texas with a good medical program? Or in any other ... more

Mark Young
Thursday, 14th May 2009

i want to go to blinn junior college or tyler junior college?
but i wanted to know does financial aid cover housing at those school because i look on the web sites and can not find anything about it only the prices and i can afford it and my mom is on ... more

Tuesday, 21st August 2007
Jasmine Q
Monday, 2nd February 2009

colleges in texas that offer associates degree in physical therapy?
how do i find out what colleges in texas offer this?? i have no idea how to find out what colleges have this. ... more

Wednesday, 22nd June 2011

do you have to live in a dorm your freshman year at blinn college?
do you have to live in a dorm your freshman year at blinn in brenham or blinn in college station? ... more

Saturday, 24th May 2008

colleges in Texas?
Hi . My parents keep talking about college . And , I was wondering , Blinn College . Where in Texas is it located?If you know alot about colleges , contact me at ... more

Monday, 13th January 2014

if i keep my 4.0 in my Junior college can i get into a school like University of Texas?
I go to the junior college Blinn College in college Station it has a program with Texas A&m and i would easily be able to go there. But i was just wondering if a school like University of Te ... more

Saturday, 15th January 2011

Blinn College Classes?
Starting In August I Will Enroll In Blinn College,To Start My Year To Become A Pediatrician And I Was Just Wondering What Classes I Would Need To Or Classes That Would Help Me In Pursing My ... more

Thursday, 15th March 2012

Texas A&M Blinn Team Quesiton?
I really want to attend Texas A&M and today i recieved and acceptance to the Blinn Team at TAMU. I accepted my admission offer today through The AIS system and also even reserved a spot at T ... more

Friday, 18th November 2011

What are the benefits and or the draw backs for attending Texas A&M, Baylor and Blinn Coll
I'm not interested in who is better or who sucks, but what are the facts that people say about those schools? Please help:/ Trying to compare colleges ... more

Monday, 12th December 2011
Shelby S
Saturday, 25th October 2008
Monday, 22nd December 2008

Are there any community colleges that offer dorms or apartments ?
Ad least one year i must go to a community college because of m y gpa . Unless someone knows a college that accepts low gpa's and has dorms. ... more

Wednesday, 10th October 2012

College Decision!! NEED HELP!!?
im a senior in high school and ive decided on what colleges i will apply to, i have mid range ACT and SAT scores, which one is better in your opinion for medical bc i want to become a PA, be ... more

Thursday, 14th September 2006

What are some good texas universities with photograpy majors?
still at a junior college and i'm trying to decide where to transfer to. i want to major in photojournalism and minor in sociology. ... more

Nick the Dick
Wednesday, 18th October 2006

How can I get emergency teacher certification in Texas?
Understand I do not have any teacher certification, and I am not currently employed as a Teacher. However I do have a Master of Public Affairs and two B.S. degrees (one in Poli. Sci & anot ... more

chelsea y
Thursday, 2nd November 2006

Where is the location where you would take the THEA test?
Its the test you must complete and pass before entering Blinn College. ... more

Sunday, 29th April 2007

Which is better in terms of campus life & setting, Austin Community College-Rio Grande or
I don't have my license yet, so i'm looking for a community college that is close to shopping centers and grocery stores, so that I could walk whenever I have to buy something. Which communi ... more

Max M
Friday, 21st September 2007

What are some low interest student loans?
I am going to major in Agriculture for my first two years at Blinn College in Bryan, and I need to find some good low interest loans in Texas. Where are they? ... more

Thursday, 22nd November 2007

im 35 years old and want to go to be a radiology tech?
i want to be a radiology tech im 35 and there is no school even close to me anyone know of a online/clinical program. I am in texas. And i would move to into college housing , if im not to o ... more

Bryceton J
Sunday, 13th January 2008

what college do you attend or aspire to attend?
i go to blinn and im transferring to unlv in august ... more

Shawn P
Monday, 25th February 2008

What are my chances of transferring to UT Austin with a 3.6 combined gpa?
From Blinn Junior College I have 15 hours with a 3.4 gpa and from Texas State I have 15 hours with a 3.8 gpa. All hours transfer ... more

Monday, 3rd March 2008

What are the requirements to get into Texas A&M University?
I'm thinking I might like to become a meteorologist is that changes anything. ... more

Cutie pie
Friday, 28th March 2008

What if I choose not to send my college transcript?
I attended blinn community college last semester and completed 17 hours with a 3.3 gpa. This semester, I am attending a different community college but my grades are pretty bad and I don't w ... more

Wednesday, 2nd April 2008
Proud Vegan
Tuesday, 22nd April 2008

Best college to go to?
After college I will be moving to New York City. In your opinion, which of the following college would most employers favor(in the Public Relations or Journalism field? University of Texas ... more

Dr Tweeves
Thursday, 8th May 2008

How can I finish college fast? here's the deal. I live in Texas and have been to over 7 different universitys/community colleges. I started at Texas A&M, then went to Brookhaven, then Blinn, then Univeristy of N ... more

Sunday, 25th May 2008

Hoping to go to College in Texas, I'm from Michigan.?
I would like to move to College Station, TX and go to A&M University or possibly Blinn Community College. If anyone can email me with their experiences or regarding resources I can use for h ... more

Tuesday, 24th June 2008

College Station, TX?
moving up there in about 5.5 wks. I'm going to be going to blinn college. Anyone goes there already? what's it like? what to excpect. Also if you know of anyone that's hiring, that would b ... more

Nathan E
Saturday, 13th September 2008

Will I have a chance at getting into Texas A&M?
Hello, I have served in the millitary and been overseas. I plan on joining the Corps of Cadets. I am a Physics 101 and Engineering 111 lab instructor at my college right now, and I tutor ... more

Thursday, 18th September 2008

College Transfer help, please?
I want to transfer universities (I am in Texas) I had taken courses at one university, I am now at a junior college transferring in to another university (UT-Blinn-A&M). Anyways, what grad ... more!!!
Sunday, 23rd November 2008

doing college apps right now.....need help and motivation...?
okay so im a senior with a 2.4 GPA out of 4 and go to one of the top ten schools in Texas. i took my SAT and got a 1950. i really want to get into A&M but i dont think ill get in since every ... more

Tennis G
Monday, 24th November 2008

What are my chances of getting into Texas A&M?
Combined critical reading and math is 1050- 520 math and 530 critical reading I have a GPA of 4.0 out of a 4.0 scale, on a scale of 100 a 92.3 Top 25 percent Lots of extra curricular Should ... more

cassidy jae
Saturday, 29th November 2008

Surgical tech question??? best answer 10 points?
I am looking for a school other than blinn college to take surgical tech classes for a certification. anyone know anything about sugical techs, how long is take to get certified or online cl ... more

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