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How is Bucknell's Sciences/Pre-Med Programs?

Asked by Pitt4Real
My father has recently began to encourage me to look strongly into Bucknell. I am currently a senior in high school and have already been accepted to multiple colleges/universities so i figured i might as well at least give it a look to please him. I visited Bucknell last year to watch my girlfriend dive in the state championships last year and found it to be a pretty campus, but i just never really thought much about Bucknell. Anyway, I know its a very good engineering school, but my question for everyone is Bucknell's sciences/pre-med programs??? My career goal is to become an Ophthalmologist, and obviously before that I'd need to get into med school as well so I want a good, solid foundation to head into med school with. I appreciate any help that is given.

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Answered by PE2008
Bucknell has a nationally-ranked school in Chemical Engineering, which is a very good Major for slotting-in pre-med courses. Also, if you don't make it to Med School (which happens to most students), Engineering is a good fallback career.

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