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Do I need high SAT scores to get accepted into the following colleges?

Asked by Kool-Aid Man
-Azusa Pacific University -Biola University -California Baptist University -University of San Diego -Cal Poly Pomona I'm asking this because I've been taking SAT Prep classes and on the practice tests my best score was a 1360, which seems kind of low. My traditional GPA is a 4.00, my CAL Grant GPA is a 3.80, and my UC/CSU GPA is a 3.69. So I think I'm pretty good there, but I'm kind of worried about my SAT score. How high do I need to score to stand a good chance of getting accepted into those colleges and are any tips that anyone would recommend on how to improve my scores? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Answered by 110408
Speaking for Cal Poly Pomona. SAT scores you need, extremely high ones not so much. A high GPA,lots of academic involvement would be best. Make your app standout in some way, because for the past year or two Cal Poly has brought their standards much higher than before, so if you have good SAT scores they will definitely grant you admission,but low SAT scores doesn't mean you will be rejected I'd say improve your SAT scores and you'll be assured admission to lots of universities, keep taking those SAT prep courses and start taking the actual SAT asap, you can take them multiple times, which means you're scores will likely improve each time ps: id u get into cal poly pomona, that means u'll prob get into san diego too, (just talking about personal experience tho)

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