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COMPASS entrance exam for college in Atlanta Georgia?

Asked by Al
I'm 27 and I'm interested in applying to either GA State or Clayton State University for Business/Admin. Both schools said that they welcome non-traditional/adult students, but I especially like GA State. I was told by an admin rep at GA State that if I do not pass their entrance exam, I will not be granted admission to the college. The same statement is also listed on their website. Does GA State no longer administer remedial non-credit courses if students do not pass the entrance exam? Please advise.

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Answered by Andrea
I do believe they have changed their policy regarding the compass and admissions for Non-traditional students. If you have completed at least 30 credit hours at another college you can apply as a transfer student. Even if you graduated from the college years ago. If you register as a transfer student you are not required to take the compass exam. Non-traditional students Applicant must take and pass the COMPASS examination; must achieve satisfactory minimum scores in all 3 sections: Algebra- 37 English-60 Reading-74 Applicants who do not meet minimum scores in all 3 test sections will not be granted admission. The compass is real simple. I had to take it for GPC. There are plenty of study sites too so don't worry about passing.

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