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Am I too old to pledge traditionally to Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.?

Asked by D
I am a 31 yr old single mother of one that is returning to college to finish my bachelor's degree. I am also interested in pledging Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Here are a few of my concerns: 1. Am I too old to pledge traditionally or should I just wait to pledge grad? I didnt want to be frowned upon as being just "paper" but this is definitely something I am deeply inspired to be a part of, contribute to, and be active. 2. Does the fact that I'm a part time student make a difference? 3. Is there any further research or reading materials I need to do prior to attending rush? I'm really looking for a little honest guidance as to how I should go about this process the right way. Thank you all in advance for any feedback.

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Answered by DableST1
Hi there, You are not too old go through the membership intake process. I personally know many sorors who were older than you that went through the process through undergrad. We do not discriminate against age. We also have many members who were single mothers who joined as well. It basically comes down to this, Going through the process is not easy, takes a lot of work, time, and commitment. Many before you have done it successfully and you can as well. The best advice that I can give you you is using your time management skills wisely. It is also required that you are a FULL-TIME student when joining our organization. If you feel that you can not meet this requirement, then let me suggest that you wait until after you graduate and join a graduate chapter. Before attending Rush, let me suggest that you visit our National Website, Read "In Search of Sisterhood" by Paula Giddings, as well as Divine Nine by Laurence C. Ross. Also please keep in mind that even if you meet the minimal requirements of joining our organization, you will still have to get the majority chapter vote from my sorors. With that being said, I would suggest that you get to know my sorors. This can be successfully done by attending my sorors events, so they know who you are. Good luck to you, and you can email me personally if you have any further questions.

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