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What colleges are near/on the east coast beach?

Asked by User42
I'm a senior in high school looking for a college that would fit me best. My counselor has told me just to find somewhere I'm comfortable at for rite now sense I'm not sure what I want to do. I love going to the beach and it would be great to go to college on or near one. What are some colleges that are near the east coast beaches? To narrow it down here are my preferences: -I want to go to college in Virginia down to Georgia. I don't want somewhere any higher than VA or lower than GA. -I would like to go somewhere at least 1hr away form a beach but would like it to be really close. -I would like a 4 year university. -I don't want to go to a huge college (>7,000). -I would like a very nice looking campus. -Mostly white and female. -I like school football games (not like crazy hardcore fan but i enjoy them) -Private Christian College. Remember these are just my preferences and the important thing is the school being close to the beach. Thanks all!

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Answered by ihcuids
Coastal Carolina in Conway, SC is a little less than 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach, SC. They match all your criteria except they are not a Private Christian college. They are a growing school really coming into their own as a good university to consider.

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