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Wednesday, 1st October 2008

Bridgewater State College?
What are the requirements to get into bridge water state college? I want to be a P.E. Teacher and she said definately look into Bridgewater State College, so I am just wondering, what are t ... more

Sunday, 1st September 2013

Which college is better: Fitchburg State, Framingham State, or Worcester State?
Im looking at colleges to apply to for fall of 2014 and I'm trying to narrow down colleges. Fitchburg, Framingham, and Worcester state are all kinda of similar (almost the same costs, majors ... more

Saturday, 19th September 2009

is salem state college a good school?
i want to go to salem but i want to make sure that it is a good school, is it safe and is the campus nice?.. by the way i live in florida and im moving to boston new year. if salem state isn ... more

Tuesday, 15th June 2010

Would someone from Michigan be able to get into Fitchburg State College, MA?
I am sure that I want to go to college in Massachusetts, more specifically Fitchburg State College to major in Film/Video Production. I was looking at statistics there, and it was said that ... more

Friday, 30th October 2009

worcester state/bridgewater college/fitchburg state college?
are these good schools? are they small,medium,or big..what is the area like. is it diverse there? i am also thinking about suffolks university.. i have 5 places i am applying for so far and ... more

Friday, 5th January 2007


Friday, 9th October 2009

info/ opinions on Fitchburg State College?
I'm a freshman in an ohio university and i moved here about a year or so ago from Massachusetts. I desperately want to move back and Fitchburg State College is one of the colleges that have ... more

Saturday, 16th June 2012

Any accepted students into Fitchburg State University?
What were your stats when you got accepted? Thanks! ... more

Steve Smith
Wednesday, 11th May 2011

Colleges in Massachusetts?
hi im a 17 year old junior looking to major in computer science or information technology in college. my gpa from fresh and soph year was a 2.81. I currently have an A in physics and pre cal ... more

Brady G
Sunday, 18th July 2010

college help please!!!?
I am a very outgoing guy. I love to be with people and make them smile. I am all about school spirit but not overly scary amount. I am going to be freshmen this fall at UTSA. But I am thinki ... more

Monday, 9th May 2011

What are the best computer science STATE colleges in Massachusetts?
I’m highschool and I am looking for a good computer science school, also if possible which of these colleges offer Japanese as a minor? Thanks. ... more

Steve Smith
Monday, 4th April 2011

Colleges in Massachusetts?
I am a 17 year old junior and I live and what to attend college in mass (go sox). My gpa from fresh and soph. year was a 2.81 (bad i know) but I am doing good this year ( A in physics and pr ... more

Thursday, 22nd October 2009

can i get into fitchberg state college or salem state?
im a college freshmen in my 1st semeste in NY idk my college gpa yet cause i jst started but my hs average was an 82, i was in student council, pres of 2 other clubs, and had a job since i w ... more

Thursday, 22nd October 2009

what state school is easy to get into in mass?
im a college freshmen in my 1st semeste in NY idk my college gpa yet cause i jst started but my hs average was an 82, i was in student council, pres of 2 other clubs, and had a job since i w ... more

Wednesday, 21st September 2011

Richard Stockton College on New Jersey?
I'm a sophomore now and I'm looking into college's. I want to be a physiologist, hopefully for the NHL, and I want to make sure I go to just the right school. My dad suggested Stockton. I re ... more

Wednesday, 2nd August 2006

Which of these 3 colleges do u think is the best choice?
This summer i've visited 5 colleges. Fitchburg State College, UMASS Amherst, and Keene State College were the ones i liked best. if anyone out there has visited all 3 of of them please tell ... more

Tuesday, 7th April 2009

Will i get into college with these SAT scores!!??!!?
Critical Reading 400 17% Math 520 51% Writing 470 42% Multiple Choice 46 (score range: 20-80) Essay 8 (score range: 2-12) i know there really bad lol but do u think i will be abl ... more

Tuesday, 25th October 2011

Fitchburg state university students? or alumni?
I'm planning on applying to Fitchburg state, and was looking into the Greek life. I wanted to see more into it but the ONE person I know that goes to that school said "normally greek life i ... more

Tuesday, 27th March 2012

what colleges in Massachusetts can i get into with a 1.9 GPA?
i have a 1.9 GPA and i want to work as a comedian when i get older i am a sophomore in highschool and i want to know what my college options are i will probably have a 2.4 or 2.5 bu te time ... more

Sunday, 6th March 2011

is keene state college a good school for computer science or management?
I got into Umass amherst and Keene state college. I can only afford keene state. Is this school good for comp. science or management? i dont think either of the programs are accredited. Wow ... more

Tuesday, 9th April 2013

Which of the Massachusetts state school is best for undergraduate business?
Hey, I was wondering which of the following state schools in MA is best for undergraduate business? Also, please let me know your opinion about these private schools and why? Thanks The ... more

Sunday, 27th September 2009

which college should i transfer to?
i'm currently at fitchburg state college studying film/video production. should i leave fitchburg and attend connecticut state university's film program? which would be the better education ... more

Thursday, 8th March 2012

Which colleges should I look at?
I'm currently a junior in high school, and I'm just starting my college search. I live in Western Massachusetts, and my parents say that I need to stay instate. They're also very worried abo ... more

Tuesday, 19th July 2011

I have a question about a couple colleges...?
For students (or families who have looked at these colleges), how do you like the following campus's... I have started visiting schools, and have decided I'm not a huge fan of Merrimack Coll ... more

Sunday, 13th December 2009

Could I get into these colleges? and which one is the best/worst?
Roger Williams University UMASS Amherst Wentworth Institute of technology University of Hartford Fitchburg State College I have a 3.1 GPA and i play football and baseball. I have 3 good rec ... more

Friday, 1st December 2006

where did Robert Cormier go to school ?
or any other information about him ... more

Saturday, 28th July 2007
Tuesday, 28th September 2010
Sunday, 13th June 2010

I need to write a research paper about a college?
im writing about fitchburg state college and im outta ideas of what to put and i need 3 pages of stuff. I already wrote all the facts and why i think its a good school for me what else shoul ... more

Sunday, 20th March 2011

Where should I go to college?
I am majoring in communications next year in college. I'm from massachusetts so my college choices are lasell college, western new england college, fitchburg state and worcester state. Money ... more

Erez S
Monday, 18th February 2008

Which of these Massachusetts schools is cheapest for dorms?
I am currently a Criminal Justice major at Massbay Community College, and I'm going to transfer in about a year, or perhaps the semester after that, but these are the colleges that I am cons ... more

Monday, 23rd June 2008

Good schools?
I just finished my freshman year at fitchburg state college, im looking to transfer after next year im looking for a good school that offers business classes in Massachusetts could anyone te ... more

college bound
Sunday, 13th July 2008

do I have a chance?
I recently finished junior year with a 3.3 GPA. The problem is that freshman year I got a 2.49 and sophomore year I got a 2.71. My sat scores are 1610 but I'm planning to retake them again a ... more

Thursday, 16th October 2008

My son is trying to narrow down his list of colleges. We dont know alot about a few.?
Averett University Bridgewater College University of Massachusetts Dartmouth He is interested in Information Technology. He in D3 Football. We are from, Massachusetts. Here is the comple ... more

Monday, 27th October 2008

best state college in massachusetts?
I know dat the best state college is umass amherst. i will apply to umass amherst n umass lowell. after umass amherst which one is the 2nd best state college between umass lowell, umass bost ... more

sagar g
Thursday, 6th November 2008

What are some average engineering n business colleges/universities in MA, NY,PA ?
I know the good colleges/uni. like Harvard, Tufts, BU, Penn State, etc... but i want to know some average ones ... more

Socially Awkward
Sunday, 9th November 2008

What's a good school to get a Bachelors in nursing in Massachusetts...?
Yup, it's that time again. Time to start applying to colleges. Any good schools that you know of for nursing? ... more

Tuesday, 13th January 2009

Fitchburg or Salem for nursing?
i'm a junior right now and i want to be a nurse. i'm looking for an affordable college with a great nursing program. i've been doing some research and i found Fitchburg State and Salem State ... more

Monday, 2nd February 2009

is college really as bad as they say?
i applied to 3 massachusetts colleges westfeild, fitchburg, and bridgewater state college. my sat scores were really low even though i took them twice i got around a 1037 maybe a few points ... more

Thursday, 5th March 2009

Worthwhile to apply as a transfer to Umass Amherst?
I want to transfer from Fitchburg State to Umass Amherst. I live in MA. When i transfer ill have 27 credits so no need for highschool grades. By the time i apply i hope to have a 3.3 3.4 ... more

Monday, 30th March 2009

Where is a good school to go for nursing?
Looking for something in MA, or the next state over if need be. I don't think getting in will be an issue, and by that I mean i'll apply anywhere. Except BC. My sister goes there and promise ... more

Friday, 1st May 2009

Is it possible to get into college...?
Ok so I have like a 2.8 GPA in high school and although I got into a few colleges I didnt get into the one I wanted and I dont want to settle. I want to become a nurse. So I was wondering, I ... more

My Answers FTW! =)
Thursday, 21st May 2009

can i get into a state college with this score n gpa?
i got my SATs and didn't do to well i got a 1310 as my score,and a 8 out of 12 for my essay. my HS cumalative is 2.5. im gonna take the SATs again in the fall cause im a junior right now. w ... more

Sunday, 31st May 2009

Are these colleges good? And how do they compare? And how hard is it to get into each coll
U MASS Lowell Worcester State Fitchburg Sate U MASS Amherst I would like to know how good each of these colleges are and how hard each one is to get into thanks guys i know these websites bu ... more

Friday, 26th June 2009

so which college is better?
fitchburg state or salem state ... more

Tuesday, 14th July 2009

Which ones of these colleges have the best theater programs?
University of Rhode Island Rhode Island College Roger Williams University Clark University Bridgewater State College Fitchburg State College Umass Boston Any info would be great, thanks=) ... more

Jess <3
Friday, 17th July 2009

Which college do you believe is the best for nursing?
I will be entering my senior year of high school in the fall & I want to major in nursing in college. Eventually, I would like to be a nurse practitioner or nurse midwife. I get very good gr ... more

Saturday, 8th August 2009

Going to college fall of 2010, advice please!?
So i'm it's about the time that i need to be getting things ready for college and what not and i need a little help and advice. It's tough to imagine moving away from home and separating fro ... more

Monday, 28th September 2009

should i transfer to this college?
i'm currently at fitchburg state college studying film/video production. should i leave fitchburg and attend central connecticut state university's film program? which would be a better edu ... more

Jacob C
Monday, 16th November 2009

What are some decent colleges that you can get easily accepted to in Massachusetts?
I got accepted to Whittier Tech in Haverhill so what are some Massachusetts colleges I could get into since I got into Whittier? ... more

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