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What percentage of Native American heritage do I have to have to claim it on a college application?

Asked by Katy Killjoy
I know that I am 1/8 native american. How much do I have to be to check it off on a college application to UNC Chapel Hill *A couple of things- I know this is not going to get me scholarships, but it will help with acceptance. I have never identified as native american before, but my dad just found out he is adopted and we now know more about his bio parents so...yeah Please only answer if you know for sure Also, what type of documentation will I need to find and if I am unable to track it down from my bio grandparents what should I do?

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Answered by jerbydan
Definition and origins of Native Americans: Definition. As described in DoD Directive 1350.2 a Native-American or Alaskan Native is a person having origins in the original peoples of North America, AND who maintains cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition. (emphasis mine) There is no one contemporary majority definition that establishes a person’s identity as a Native-American. The Bureau of Census states that “anybody who claims to be a Native-American” is a Native-American. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), which is the organization responsible for monitoring Indian affairs and issues, general definition to be a Native-American, you must: Be 1/4-1/2 Native-American blood at a minimum. Live on or near trust lands/reservations. Be on a tribal roll recognized by the federal government. Trace ancestry back three generations. Be approved by BIA officials.

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