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Hofstra University

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Sunday, 17th September 2006

Hofstra University?
What do you know about this university? It said it has a beautiful campus but not safe.... is it true? how is it academically? ... more

Brian K
Friday, 15th February 2008

Hofstra University?
Tell me what you know about it please. ... more

Wednesday, 22nd August 2007

Hofstra University?
what is your opinion of hofstra, ive heard that 1/2 the people that go there love it and that 1/2 the people hate it. is it hard to get into hofstra? i have a 2.95 and a 22act is that good ... more

Mildred Michalczyk
Thursday, 20th September 2007

Has anyone gone to Hofstra University for an undergraduate degree?
I am interested in knowing how the college is and what subjects and careers the college specializes in. I would also like information on the tuition; and how it is to dorm on campus. ... more

bee loving.
Tuesday, 14th October 2008

Is Hofstra University hard to get into?
I am a freshmen in a university but i really want to study and major in journalism or broadcast journalism when I am a junior. I want something cheap but well known near New York or within ... more

Lizzie S
Sunday, 24th May 2009

At Hofstra University?
Which dorm should I sign up to be in? The Honors College dorm? Or the Arts Community dorm? Or if you have another suggestion, what is it? Can you tell me anything about Hofstra that I shoul ... more


Tuesday, 22nd March 2011

Hofstra University campus?
I've never been there, but I'm considering applying. I have visited ghetto colleges and yeah, not for me xD I would just like to know how the college campus is like. The area, if it has a lo ... more

Friday, 7th May 2010

Industrial engineering, U. of Arkansas or Hofstra University?
Im planning on majoring in Industrial Engineering in college and trying to decide between the two. Iv been accepted to both already and Arkansas will definitely be cheaper. Id like to get so ... more

Monday, 13th December 2010

hofstra university or adelphi university?
I'm deciding on which one to apply to. based on my major (business/marketing), a good location, campus life which is better? i want to live on campus and get a good college experience. i've ... more

John N
Sunday, 28th March 2010

Fairfield University of Hofstra University?
Which one should I go to for film. Why? ... more

Wednesday, 15th August 2007

artsy guy at Hofstra University?
My cousin is thinking of commuting to Hostra University and has heard good things about it. The thing is that he is an artsy inteelectual guy. Would Hofstra be the type of place for a guy li ... more

Sunday, 23rd November 2008

is Hofstra University a good school?
or is it just alright? ... more

eli hat
Wednesday, 23rd November 2011
Saturday, 22nd November 2008

Has anyone attended Hofstra University?
I'm looking into becoming a social studies teacher and i wanted to know about Hofstra's education major programs. How does Hofstra's education program measure up to other schools on Long Isl ... more

Friday, 2nd April 2010

What is a better school Hofstra University or Bryant University?
Hi, I am a prospective transfer student. The Hofstra vs. Bryant decision has become the only subject of my pro con lists over the past week. I just need some feedback on both schools. Any ty ... more

Friday, 2nd February 2007

Could i get into Hofstra University in NY?
I am a junior and i currently have a 2.85 gpa, and i am working my butt of to get a 3.0. Also on my psats i had a combined 1460. I am considering some type of law major or phyc. I am involve ... more

Monday, 23rd January 2012

Should I go to Hofstra University?
I applied to 12 colleges, so far all acceptances. Hofstra accepted me with a 9000 a year scholarship. I have heard good and bad things about hofstra. I am still banking on going to either no ... more

Sunday, 8th July 2007

Auburn University, Flagler College, or Hofstra University?
Which school is better? Auburn U Flagler C Hofstra U i have a 2.9gpa 470math 500CR and a 490 writing on SAT ACT 22 composite i do cheerleading, track, volunteering 6hrs a week, peer leader ... more

priyanshi p
Wednesday, 15th October 2008

why university is better ? hofstra university or pace university in new york ?
i have got through both for MBA. please suggest which one to prefer? ... more

Friday, 24th April 2009

Question about Hofstra University...?
so i'm a sophomore in high school trying to prepare for college cause its not to early to do so i think anyways.. what are the requirements to go to Hofstra University i'm looking for like: ... more

Peter Paul
Wednesday, 20th May 2009

What does hofstra university look for in a student?
what do they take into account during the admission process? ... more

Monday, 9th November 2009

Does Stony Brook University accept transfer credits from Hofstra University?
I am currently enrolled at HU in their honors program, but I really don't like it. I'm looking to transfer out to SBU. If I do decide to transfer, will SBU accept credits that I've already e ... more

Tuesday, 1st December 2009

Chances of getting into Hofstra University?
I really want to go there and major in communications! i have a 3.3 GPA 1600 Sat(including writing section) - extra curriculars- field hockey varsity 4 years -jv boys ice hockey -2 years - v ... more

Friday, 6th February 2009

How far is Hofstra University from NYC?
Hi, how are is Hofstra University from NYC? What is the best way to get there from NYC? I would need train time, and driving time. Is Hofstra University a good university or what are the ... more

Karl L
Friday, 24th August 2007

How is Hofstra University?
Whats the school like in general and how good is the Political Science programme cos im hearing a lot of conflicting and confusing info about the school. ... more

Monday, 24th December 2012

Is Hofstra University a bad school?
I've heard some pretty bad things about it... Uhm... no, actually I've heard they have way too many parties and Greek Life and everything. Apparently, it's also very expensive, but I got a s ... more

Adam's Future Platonic BFF
Saturday, 29th August 2009

What majors are offered at Hofstra University?
I ask this because I'm starting to look at colleges, and Hofstra seems like a great school. But if they don't have a major in writing (journalism, creative writing, whatever... as long as it ... more

Sunday, 22nd November 2009

I need opinions on Hofstra University.?
They have been sending me constant "select scholar applications" to me and since it's a free application, I thought "what the heck. it's free!" But i want to know more about this school. I k ... more

Saturday, 7th July 2007

Auburn University, Flagler College, or Hofstra University?
Which school is better? Auburn U Flagler C Hofstra U i have a 2.9gpa 470math 500CR and a 490 writing on SAT ACT 22 composite i do cheerleading, track, volunteering 6hrs a week, peer leaders ... more

Thursday, 5th November 2009

Will I get into Hofstra University?
I am eagerly awaiting my acceptance/rejection letter from Hofstra University! My father and grandfather both attended this University. Do you think I will also get in? My stats are: White m ... more

Monday, 5th February 2007

What is a good topic for a college essay?
I want to apply to Hofstra University in New York and I want to just get a jump start on writing my essay, this way i wont have to do 20 at once. They have a personal response essay were you ... more

Mike F
Friday, 9th March 2007

What is the liklihood I will be admitted off the Wait-List as a full time student?
I have recently been placed on the Wait-List at both Hofstra University Law School and Seton Hall University Law School. The schools do not provide much information regarding the liklihood ... more

Mike F
Monday, 12th March 2007

What is the liklihood I will be admitted off the Wait-List as a full time student?
I have recently been placed on the Wait-List at both Hofstra University Law School and Seton Hall University Law School. The schools do not provide much information regarding the liklihood o ... more

Tuesday, 18th September 2007

is hofstra university liberal or conservative?
I am thinking of communiting to Hofstra University, I have seen it and liked it very much. What I was wondering is the place liberal or conservative . I am very liberal and hope it will be. ... more

Saturday, 6th October 2007

Has anybody every heard of Hofstra University? If so is it a good college?
I was thinking about applying, though I have never really had interest in it or even heard of it. ... more

Friday, 4th July 2008

What are some good schools that have a great film Departments?
I want to be a director and I am trying to look at film schools and different universities that have good communication/film departments. I know that NYU is great but I want to look at some ... more

Chantel B
Wednesday, 30th July 2008

Ok I got accepted to my Hunter college and Hofstra University i can afford hunter but not
My major is elementary education with a minor in psychology, should i go broke and go to Hofstra or save my money and go to Hunter College (CUNY)? ... more

Monday, 4th August 2008
Tuesday, 2nd September 2008

What are the basic requirements to graduate from high school in NY?
i want to know the classes that i absoloutly have to take; and drop whats not needed. how many credits should i have by the time i finish my senior year? how many credits do college really ... more

Tuesday, 2nd September 2008

How long does it take collegeboard to send scores to colleges?
I am taking the SAT on October 4th. According to collegeboard, they will have the scores online on October 23rd. The deadline for Hofstra university's early action is November 1st. Will Coll ... more

Tuesday, 2nd September 2008

what are my chances of getting into hofstra university?
with a 3.2 cumulative GPA and a combined score of 1600 on the SAT? (including the writing section) ? ... more

Wednesday, 17th September 2008

What are some good universities to consider?
I am applying to Columbia undergrad for my early decision. My other colleges on my list are: 2. NYU 3. Cornell 4. Yale 5. Oberlin 6. Miami U 7. UF 8. FSU 9. Hofstra What other universities ... more

***Big Blue Eyes***
Wednesday, 8th October 2008

Who knows anything about Hofstra University?
tell me anything you know about it good and bad! I might want to go there for college ... more

Thursday, 9th October 2008

is Hofstra university in hempstead, NY a safe place to live in? ?
is hempstead, NY a safe? where Hofstra university is located b/c i read that is not safe to walk around in one of the college handbooks and i was wondering why thanks! ... more

Sunday, 12th October 2008

is everyone allowed to watch the 3rd presidential debate at hofstra university.?
is everyone allow to go in hofstra university on oct.15th wednesday to watch the 3rd presidential debate of obama and john mccaine. or there are some rules to go in and watch it live in hofs ... more

Thursday, 16th October 2008
Monday, 27th October 2008

What is student life like at Hofstra University?
I visited Hofstra University yesterday and must say I was impressed with their programs, and the school in general. My only question is. Is there stuff do do in the area and is it fun there ... more

Tuesday, 28th October 2008

What were the highlights of the Third Presidential Debate at Hofstra University?
Include important questions asked and specific answers given. ... more

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