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history help plz!!! need help asap!!?

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1. What did the Meiji government do as part of its efforts to modernize and industrialize Japan? (Points : 3) created a modern banking system signed a trade agreement with the United States limited the growth of the military visited Russian factories and prisons 2. Which of the following best explains why most industrialized nations in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were building empires? (Points : 3) They desired a return to the empire-building of ancient times. They needed colonies for their growing populations. They wanted to make Christianity the world’s religion. They required more natural resources and new markets. 3. Who helped create the Republic of China in 1912 through efforts that began in the late nineteenth century? (Points : 3) Fu Kung Chu Qing Mao Guangxu Sun Yat-sen 4. What was one result of China’s decision not to modernize and industrialize in the late 1800s? (Points : 3) China lost the Sino-Japanese War. China became an imperial power despite that decision. China’s population developed a strong sense of national pride through agriculture. China remained unaffected by foreign powers. 5. What was one result of Japan’s decision to adopt Western technologies and become industrialized? (Points : 3) It gained the ability to spy on other nations. It became completely independent of foreign resources. It became an imperial power. It reduced interest in traditional practices. 9. Which nation hoped to gain power, prestige, wealth, and security by becoming an imperial power in the late 1800s? (Points : 3) Japan Manchuria Russia China 10. Most of China's population is located in the eastern half of the country where the climate is __________. (Points : 3) cool summer humid continental semiarid steppe humid subtropical 11. Japan’s nationalism and rise as an imperial power can be traced back to __________. (Points : 3) its response to Western imperial interest in Japan the United States’ decision to negotiate trade agreements with Japan the outcome of the Sino-Japanese War the civil war in which rebels defeated the Tokugawa shogun 12. Japan is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, which explains why __________. (Points : 3) many Japanese cities are located on Japan’s eastern coasts Japanese children take part in disaster preparedness drills at school tsunamis can travel the width of the Pacific in less than 24 hours office buildings in Japan can be no taller than 10 stories 13. What was the effect of Japanese imperialism on the development of nationalism in the early 1900s? (Points : 3) Nationalism developed very slowly. Imperialism brought other cultures to the Japanese and nationalism waned. Nationalism became an important part of Japanese culture. Imperialism caused the Japanese to lose interest in nationalism as they explored other parts of the world. 14. What imperial nations had colonies in Africa in 1900? (Points : 3) Japan, India, and Italy China, Greece, and Saudi Arabia Turkey, Spain, and Portugal Great Britain, France, and Germany 15. How did Great Britain exert significant influence in China during the late 1800s? (Points : 3) by threat of military force in a sphere of influence by establishing its own government in Hong Kong by negotiating binding trade agreements with the Chinese by giving the Chinese rights to future colonization of Africa 16. What was the Meiji government’s position on education for all Japanese children? (Points : 3) Education was most important for the brightest students. Education should include agriculture and rice farming. Education for all was a key to modernization and industrialization. Education should be available on a limited basis to the entire population. 17. Why did Great Britain and China go to war in the mid-nineteenth century? (Points : 3) China was attempting to conquer India. China refused to allow Britain into its ports. Both wanted to acquire more territory in Southeast Asia. Brit

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I see we're in the same History class... You might want to at least give your best guesses, then post this. We're not going to do all your homework for you.

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