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how much does it cost per year to go to a paul mitchell school?

Asked by anie*
im considering it but im only in highschool. im wondering if i should start saving now. and how many years do you have to be in it to be a good cosmetologist? or to be a nail stylist or a skin care therapist? please give all the information the website doesnt really help

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Answered by Jen
Paul Mitchell costs between 15,000 and 21,000 for the entire program which takes around a year for your cosmetology training. However, how long your training lasts also depends on which state you live in because each state requires a different number of clock hours before you can take the exam. Nail and Esthetician (skin care) hours also vary but are usually less than cosmetology. If you talk to any hairdresser, your real training begins after you get out of school and into a shop. So really, you can go to any accredited cosmetology school and get the basics to take your exam. The only benefit to going to more expensive schools is maybe job placement and a bit of an edge when you graduate. Many state schools like community colleges have accredited programs like Pivot Point which is a Redken program and really well respected and they can cost less than 3,000 total. It's really up to you.

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