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Tuesday, 17th November 2009

Has anyone gone to Pima Medical Institute?
I want to enroll for their medical assisting program but my mom only has bad things to say about it. Has anyone graduated from there and can you tell me anything good about the school? ... more

Sunday, 27th March 2011

Okay for students who attend or attended PIMA: I'm wondering what it's like? if you graduated from there, was it hard to get a job as a Vet Assistant? (or whatever else you studied there for ... more

Saturday, 18th February 2012

Is Pima Medical Institute a respected school?
I want to go to the Seattle or Mesa campus for the PTA(Physical Therapy Assistant) course, but I'm wondering if I still need to take the pre-reqs through Chem131/A&P, as I would as the local ... more

Monday, 31st December 2012

Do students who attend Pima Medical Institute for Vet Tech get hired?
I have heard from a few sources that vet offices will not hire anyone from specific schools, due to how that school may train you..ect, does anybody know if Pima is a good school? Thank you! ... more

Thursday, 10th January 2008

How much is Pima medical institute?
How much did it cost for you to go to Pima Medical Institute? My wife is thinking about the Animal Technician course but of course to get the price we have to drive all the way to the school ... more

Thursday, 3rd May 2012

Pima Medical Institute scam?! ?
I wanted to know if its a scam school? And if you liked the school? How easy was it for you to get a job after finishing? And what state you want to Pima Medical Institute? Thanks ... more


Wednesday, 21st October 2009

What is the financial aid code for PIMA Medical Institute in Seattle, WA?
The number i was given doesn't come up as anything on FAFSA so i added an extra number to the end and it came up with the PIMA in Tucson. So does anyone know the Seattle code? Thanks ... more

Wednesday, 2nd September 2009

Who has gone to PIMA Medical Institute in San Diego, CA?
I'm wanting to go to school to become a Vet Tech. I've gone on the AVMA website to look at the list of certified schools in my state. The closest school is hours away and I cannot relocate. ... more

Monday, 9th January 2012

what do you think of getting an associates degree in nursing at pima medical institute?
im thinking about it but i want to know your opinions any pima graduates w/ a nursing major out there? im in need of advice(: please!!! ... more

Tuesday, 18th October 2011

Hi, as anybody attended PIMA MEDICAL INSTITUTE? What is your experience?
I live in Texas, I have an LMRT license and would like to continue my education, Has anybody studied the Advanced Placement Track - Radiology online with Pima Medical Institute? Please advi ... more

Lisa M
Monday, 26th March 2012

OTA programs at Brown Mackie vs. Pima Medical Institute (Both Tucson)?
I want to be an Occupational Therapy Assistant, and in the Tucson, AZ area, the only programs offered that are accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association in that area are at ... more

Saturday, 22nd January 2011

Is Pima medical institute in Tucson a good school?
I'm thinking about being a physical therapy assistant or a occupational therapy assistant and i want to go to Pima medical institute in Tucson, but my mom said some bad things about it.Is i ... more

Friday, 9th November 2012

Why Intellitec Medical is more expensive than Pima Medical Institute?
Im hoping to start studying Med Assistant next year, and i was thinking Pima, but i was wondering why Intellitec is expensive if I thought they were the same thing.. Is Intellitec better?? o ... more

Lavanya Vasanthavada
Sunday, 18th July 2010

so i am trying to get into the radiography tech program at PIMA medical institute in seattle, wa. I turned my portfolio in and everything. i also have cna experience. i am nervous about the ... more

Friday, 4th May 2007

PIMA medical institute?
anyone gone here and got a good job? what was your major? how long did it take and how much do u make now? ... more

Tuesday, 7th May 2013

Would you like a new employe to be trained at Pima Medical Institute or Online Distance Pr
Would you like a new employe to be trained at Pima Medical Institute or Online Distance Programs? Assume these are our only two options I am having trouble picking a Veterinarian Technician ... more

Jimmy L
Wednesday, 4th June 2008

What are the prerequisites for the Radiologic Technologist Program in Pima Medical Institu
I am planning on relocating to Arizona and am interested in the Radiologic Tech field. I am currently taking Pre-requisites to get into the Pasadena City College and was wondering if it was ... more

Saturday, 16th July 2011

Is pima medical institute a good school and can your work anywhere is the USA when you've
I went to meet with a counselor and he said he said that PMI is accredited to be able to work anywhere is the US but Im but I've been told otherwise. (Sorry counselor for doubting you) and ... more

Saturday, 4th August 2012
Brandi D
Saturday, 19th September 2009

School grants! HELP!?
Where can I get a grant for PIMA Medical institute? I need it by Monday!!! HELP I'm going into dental assistance so its not a degree. ... more

Sunday, 31st January 2010

PIMA medical institute has an entrance test?
do u think it is a basic standard test? i graduated in 2009 from high school but wasn't able to get into college as soon as I would have liked. so i planned to start in the next few months b ... more

Annie C
Friday, 19th January 2007

Has anyone studied at Pima Medical Institute to become a Medical Assistant recently?
I was just wondering what I've got myslef into...Is there a lot of homework? How are the "core" classes? Was it an overall "good" or "excellent" experience? Any other tips or anything you ... more

Cassidy Rust
Tuesday, 28th June 2011

thining about going to PIMA medical institute?
hello, my name is cassi and i am thinking about going to pima in seattle after i graduate next year... i wanna go there for the physical therapy assistant program how is that program? is the ... more

Saturday, 30th August 2008

Has anybody heard anything good or bad about the school "Pima Medical Institute" in Las Ve
I was just curious because my girlfirned is thinking about going there. ... more

Friday, 20th April 2007

Medical assistant to RN or go straight for RN?
Im trying to become an RN but the school that has it has a waiting list 2 years long. I cant get on it until done with pre-reqs. I looked into a Pima Medical Institute for Medical Assistant ... more

Brandi D
Friday, 4th September 2009

PIMA Medical Institute Denver?
Anyone going to or have gone through PIMA for dental assistant? Hows the program? ... more

elizabeth k
Wednesday, 23rd September 2009

Night hours for Pima Medical Institute classes?
Does anyone know? I am probably going to go there and i cant find it on the web site. I would be attending the East Vally AZ location. So if anyone knows please help me out. Thanx! ... more

Wednesday, 7th July 2010

Pima Medical Institute question?
I attended this school about 6 years ago, i went to be a vet tech i did finish my time in class but didn't finish my clinicals because i found out it wasn't for me, i love animals to much to ... more

Tuesday, 29th January 2013

Observation hours for radiography program at Pima Medical Institute help!?
I am trying to complete all of my requirements for the Radiography Program at Pima Medical Institute and one of those requirements is to observe a radiology technologist for 4 hours. I am ha ... more

Nicole M.
Friday, 10th November 2006

Does anyone know if the Pima Medical Institute's Radiography program is accredited by the
and if its not... is it a big deal?? It doesn't say it on the website, but it says your elgible to take the ARRT Never Mind, i looked at another section of the website and IT IS accredited.. ... more

Santiago J
Wednesday, 15th November 2006

x -ray technician question, Im in the middle of a career change Im a little confused , is
a private school or community college, to start in the radiology program? what kind of job in the field can I get without having any licsences? a job to get me some experience in the medic ... more

Annie C
Sunday, 21st January 2007

Has anyone gone to Pima Medical Institute recently to become a medical assistant?
I was just wondering what I've gotten myself into. I start tomorrow and I want to know what the class load is like, how much homework I should expect? Any other tips about the programs wou ... more

Sunday, 18th November 2007

Pima Medical Institute's Enterance exam?
I was wondering what the entrace exam is about, what the test consists of, and what the minimal score is that you could get. hee hee i wasn't thinkin about what i was typing~entrance~lol ... more

Saturday, 8th December 2007

Are there any good radiologic tech programs in phoenix?
I'm looking to go to school to a radiologic tech (not just an x-ray tech). Does anyone know of any good schools or anything that offer a program like this somewhere in phoenix? ... more

Thursday, 6th March 2008

How can someone gain experience working with animals without volunteering?
My wife is currently in school to get her GED. She needs to improve her literacy. She is doing this awesomely and with speed. She has gone from a 1st grade reading level to a high school ... more

Monday, 16th June 2008

How do you become an educational institution? Or what makes a company an educational insti
For instance business trade schools. where you get a certificate or similar, they are definetly educational institutions but what governs this if anything to say, "your company is an educati ... more

Wednesday, 9th July 2008

Anyone here a phelbotomist?
I would just like to know what to expect in orientation;even better if you went to pima medical institute. ... more

Thursday, 10th July 2008

I need to choose a massage therapy school?
I live near Phoenix, AZ, and I am wanting to get into massage therapy. I have narrowed the schools down to 3: Arizona School of Massage Therapy, Pima Medical Institute, and Apollo College. ... more

vegas boy
Friday, 25th July 2008

how much does it cost to go to pima medical institute?
i am thinking of going for radiology teck ... more

Tuesday, 20th January 2009

What's the difference between a veterinary assistant and a veterinary technician?
I want to go to Pima Medical Institute, so I can get a jump start on getting a good, relaible job that I can live off of, but I dont know what I wanna do. any kind of advice would be helpf ... more

Jane Doe 702
Sunday, 1st March 2009

how can i word this without using to many i's?
ok i have a resume that i made and it got sent back to me(from school) saying i was using the words " i am" too much PLEASE some one give me suggestions.(if you have any suggestions other ... more

Thursday, 23rd April 2009

Why do i have to wait 211 days to reapply for Financial Aid?
Im attending a community college where i applied 2008-2009 financial aid. Ive only attended school spring semester 2009. Im looking to get into a new school, Pima Medical Institute. I went f ... more

Rebecca F
Wednesday, 15th July 2009

Vet Technician program?
Okay so I am thinking about going to Pima Medical Institute in Colorado Springs for the Vet Tech program but I live in Kansas. There aren't any school that have that program in Kansas and I ... more

Rebecca F
Monday, 20th July 2009

Know anything about the Vet Technician program?
I'm thinking about getting my associates degree as a vet tech at Pima Medical Insitiute in Colorado Springs. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about that program. Is it going to be wort ... more

Monday, 23rd November 2009

Filling out some information on application?

Sunday, 6th December 2009

Do you have to become a veterinary assistant before becoming a veterinary technician?
In the state of california, Do you have to become a veterinary assistant before becoming a veterinary technician? Because at the pima medical institute they have both courses but i do know t ... more

Mindy joy
Thursday, 14th January 2010

i want to go to school for medical assistant?
I live in las vegas and i want to get enrolled in school (pima medical institute) l to become a medical assistant, not for a career just to get started and all because regular jobs are just ... more

Thursday, 28th January 2010

Has anyone taken the Radiography program at Pima Medical Institute?
Has anyone taken the Radiography course at Pima? I'm trying to get accepted. I scored a 30 on my Wonderlic, an 90 on my entrance math exam and have a 2.82 on my high school transcripts. d ... more

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