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1. Who was the 1824 presidential candidate who supported manufacturing? (1 point) John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson Henry Clay William H. Crawford 2. The only Native Americans who successfully stayed on their land were the (1 point) Seminole. Sauk. Cherokee. Fox. 3. What act did the United States government pass in order to be able to move Native Americans off their land into Indian Territory? (1 point) Native American Act Relocation Act Indian Removal Act Alien Act 4. The belief that the United States was set apart to extend its boundaries to the Pacific was called (1 point) America's destiny. redezvous. Manifest Destiny. joint occupation. 5. The first college in the United States to admit women and African Americans was (1 point) Mount Holyoke. Ashmun Institute. Oberlin College of Ohio. Harvard. 6. Which state started a crisis for the Union in 1833 when it threatened to secede? (1 point) Missouri South Carolina Rhode Island New Mexico 7. What land was claimed by England, Spain, Russia, and the United States in the early 1800s? (1 point) Oregon country New Mexico Iowa Arkansas 8. Manufacturers welcomed immigrants between 1840 and 1860 because (1 point) immigrants would work long hours for low pay. immigrants were experienced factory workers. immigrants were Catholics. immigrants planned to work and then return to their home countries. 9. Most industry was located in (1 point) the South. the North. the West. Texas. 10. Who became the leader of education reform? (1 point) Thomas Jefferson Lyman Beecher Lucretia Mott Horace Mann 11. How did the immigrants who came to the United States between 1820 and 1860 change the character of the country? (5 points) 12. How did the three phases of Northern industrialization affect the growth of cities? (5 points)

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