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Wally Holly
Wednesday, 19th June 2013

Online degree at Southern New Hampshire University?
I'm aiming to get a creative writing/fiction MA degree online, (probably part time) since I live in the US and this collage is in New England (right?) I'm only half way through high school a ... more

Sunday, 30th January 2011

Depaul University Vs. Southern New Hampshire University?
, which one is better for game production? ... more

Tuesday, 13th December 2011

Southern New Hampshire University?
I am pretty sure I will be attending Southern New Hampshire University in the fall of 2012 i was wondering what anyone could tell me about this college? Social life? Academics? Housing? Stud ... more

Friday, 21st December 2007

Please advise me, which university is better; Southern New Hampshire University OR Upper I
Hey everyone, I am living and studyin in Malaysia. There are these two different colleges with American degree programmes here. One of them is cooperating with Southern New Hamshire Univer ... more

Angga Chefside
Sunday, 20th July 2008

ANy one, attended SNHU new hampshire university?
please gimme some advice ,coz i want to go there...and gimme info for everything u hav,,,gege ... more

Thursday, 27th June 2013

Is Southern New Hampshire University Online School accredited?
I want to enroll in school preferably an online school since I work all day. I am looking at Southern New Hampshire University College of Online but wanted to know if they are accredited. I ... more


Thursday, 9th August 2007

Which college to attend, University of Oklahoma or Southern New Hampshire University?
The thing is, right now I can only take online classes, and the only online degree that OU offers is a BA in Liberal studies. SNHU offers Social Science is the main degree programs that I wa ... more

Thursday, 14th October 2010

MBA Southern New Hampshire University online?
I have been seeking to do a MBA online, and came across Southern New Hampshire University. They have a MBA in Marketing in which I would like to apply for, however, I wanted to see if anyone ... more

Monday, 20th February 2012

Is Southern New Hampshire University a respected university?
I am looking to attend SNHU online. I have to do online since I am in the military and I am constantly being deployed or switching between day and night shifts. What is your opinion with thi ... more

Thursday, 12th February 2009

Southern New Hampshire University?
Is SNHU a good school for an aspiring fiction writer or pastry chef? And is NYU good for fiction writers? I mean, I know they don't offer Creative Writing as a major.... but if I took it as ... more

Thursday, 8th February 2007

Southern New Hampshire University?
Anyone attended this school before? I was thinking about majoring in communications there. They say that students can taske two classes at a time, and that the terms are 8 weeks long. I w ... more

Saturday, 7th July 2012

American Military University or Southern New Hampshire University?
I know SNHU is brick and mortar, but it's not a highly ranked school. So which would be better to attend? Which would look better to potential employers, or would they be about the same? ... more

Sunday, 1st December 2013

Do employers respect tier 1 schools like Southern New Hampshire University?
Southern New Hampshire University has been considered a tier 1 school since 2010, which is considered a big honor. However, do employers pay attention to whether a school is tier 1 or not? D ... more

Kim H
Monday, 26th April 2010

Has anyone attended Southern New Hampshire University?
I am trying to research before I make a leap and want to know if anyone has taken the creative writing bachelor's degree at Southern New Hampshire University and has been published. I want t ... more

Thursday, 25th May 2006

About SNHU(southern new hampershire university)?
May I ask some questions about SNHU(southern new hampershire university). I come from Taiwan and I am planning to enter this school. But I don't have enough information about this university ... more

Wednesday, 18th July 2012

Is Southern New Hampshire University a good Graduate school?
I'm beginning courses for my MA in English Literature this fall at SNHU. I was excited however I read a few comments online that hint at this school being a "diploma mill" type of school. Ho ... more

Monday, 18th February 2008
Thursday, 15th August 2013

southern new hampshire university Online?
I have been looking into southern new hampshire university they told me they do SIX terms a year....120 credit hours nets you a BA.....120/18 is 6. change......Has anyone see ... more

Wednesday, 12th January 2011

Are these universities in USA good? Please help!?
Are East Carolina University, Southern New Hampshire University and New Haven University good for Masters in Management Information Systems and MBA respectively? Please help. ... more

Saturday, 30th November 2013

Is Southern New Hampshire University a good school?
From all my research, it appears that Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a respected school. However, I want to know your perspective on the school? Is it a good school? I was thi ... more

jit bag
Monday, 26th February 2007

Tell me about Huron University USA in London?
I'm thinking of going there for my M.A. in Global Political Economy & would like some info. I'm originally from the UK & currently live in Texas, USA. I am looking for a more "worldly experi ... more

Sunday, 25th August 2013

Southern New Hampshire University online?
Anyone know anything about their online programs? ... more

ashley o
Wednesday, 2nd April 2008

Southern New Hampshire University Online?
i was thinking of applying at southern new hampshire university online in accounting. I was wondering if anyone is going or have went to this school. I would like to know what you think? ... more

Friday, 6th November 2009

Should I transfer from Southern New Hampshire University to Baruch College?
I have 75 credits with Southern New Hampshire University online, and am moving to NY with my boyfriend. I am not sure about the strength of SNHU's reputation in the New York area, so applie ... more

Get it togetha girl
Monday, 23rd March 2009

I want a real acredited degree not a fake dimploma from a diploma mill like PHEONIX. ... more

A Thousand Splendid Suns
Saturday, 8th August 2009

Trinity College, George Washinton University, Point Park University, Southern New Hampshir
If you know any of these Colleges, which would you recommend for best Medicine program (s)? ... more

Tuesday, 14th December 2010

Is Southern New Hampshire University a good school for Computer Science?
I'm planning to apply for a Master of Science in Information Technology, and I would like to know if there is anyone out ther that has any idea about the computer science program. Thanks. ... more

Wednesday, 1st April 2009

How do employeers view online education?
I remember when online schools were new and employers we not to fond of them. How do they feel about them now? And what are the best online schools to attend? ... more

Monday, 30th November 2009
Monday, 12th March 2007

which are the best acting universities in the US, how do i get started?
i tried finding a list of top rated universities in the united states for acting (not so much theatre, probably more interested in film, tv, that sort of thing) and couldn't find anything. i ... more

Sunday, 25th March 2007

Which graduate school in counseling should I choose?
I have been accepted to counseling related programs in these schools. I don't know which major and which school would be better for finding a good job in the future. These are the schools th ... more

Thursday, 31st May 2007

harvard university???
my friend is on J-1 visa and currently studying at Southern New Hampshire University. after finishing her study at SNHU she's planning to transfer to Harvard. is that possible??? how about t ... more

Monday, 4th June 2007

Which college should I get my B.A. in Communication online from?
Southern New Hampshire University, University of Maryland (UC) and Drexel University? Which college do you think would be the best to pursue my B.A. in Communication from and why? If it all ... more

Thursday, 19th July 2007

johnson and wales university and other culinary schools...?
does anyone know of schools that have culinary arts as well as other majors? i've found johnson and wales university, southern new hampshire, and u of new hamp... im mostly interested in c ... more

Friday, 10th August 2007

What's more important to an employer, what your degree is in or the school that you got it
For example, I have a chance to go to U of Oklahoma which I would like to do, but at the moment I can only take online classes, and the degree they offer online is 'Liberal Studies.' Curren ... more

Wednesday, 29th August 2007

Think I have a chance Transferring to these top universities?
I'm thinking Rice, Texas A&M, Boston U or Northeastern U. I'm a female Muslim from Saudi Arabia. I just finished my 1st year of college with 3.9 GPA, but with 20 credits (My university is n ... more

natalie rose
Thursday, 13th September 2007

Do any of you currently or did enroll in Kaplan University Online?
I am interested in getting a BA degree in Human Resources Management, and I am strictly looking at Online Schools. Is Kaplan a good choice? ... more

Thursday, 6th December 2007

I am planning on going to school in Chicago, What should I know about the city before I ma
I am a senior in high school from New Hampshire, I am originally from San Diego, CA so I am use to city life. I have recently gotten accepted to University of Chicago, Boston College, Southe ... more

Saturday, 15th December 2007

Are online universities considered equal to normal universities?
Are degrees from online universities considered up to par? If I held an online degree would I get looked over for someone who held a degree from an actual university? Thanks in advance! ... more

Tuesday, 8th January 2008

College Tuition?
I am currently enrolled at Coastal Carolina University. I currently live in Southern Maine. I am planning to transfer back to New England to help out at my mother business. I want to go to U ... more

Saturday, 14th June 2008

What is the best online University? I'm wanting to take in consideration completion times
I'm wanting a bachelors in Business Admin. focusing on Finance. From what I've found out about the Univ. of Phoenix is that it's definately the best well known Univ. online but that they ov ... more

Sunday, 27th July 2008

College decissions? help make it easier?
hello! i'm in my senior year and u kno wat that means!! college time...i have some schools in mind and some safety schools as going for sport management! fun stuff! heres where im ... more

kalli w
Monday, 11th August 2008

Reputable English Degree Online?
I've found 3 brick and mortar schools online that offer B.A English Online. Regent University-Christian School, accredited, private, expensive Judson College(Alabama)-Christian School, accr ... more

eddie m
Monday, 1st September 2008

Can I transfer to UCONN from Keene State College?
I am currently a freshmen at Keene State University here in Southern New Hampshire. I wanted to go to UCONN last year when i was applying to schools, so i applied and unfortunately did no ... more

Saturday, 6th September 2008

how to get from SNHU to UNH?
My boyfriend goes to school and the University of New Hampshire and I go to Southern New Hampshire University. I've been looking up ways to visit him by bus, train, taxi, etc and I was wonde ... more

Tuesday, 7th October 2008

What are the best colleges for accounting in new england?
I would like to go to college and major in accounting. I live in Massachusetts and I don't want to leave too far from home. My preference is New England but mainly New Hampshire or Massachus ... more

Wednesday, 12th November 2008

What colleges have good film programs?
And if you can, can you list them by state. Random example: California: University Of Southern California etc... New Hampshire: University Of New Hampshire etc... If you could list them b ... more

Wednesday, 12th November 2008

my college essay..where to start?
i'm absolutely clueless about starting to write college essays...all my friends have specific things they can write about like a job they've had all through high school or a sport they've al ... more

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