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Tuesday, 22nd December 2009

Is SUNY college at oneonta good college?
I already admitted by that college and I want to know the prestige of that college. ... more

Tuesday, 27th October 2009

SUNY college advice/ New York colleges? or MCLA?
I'm looking into what colleges I am going to apply to for the fall. I'm deciding between either adolescent English education or music education. Information for these colleges are out there, ... more

Wednesday, 15th August 2012

Is SUNY Oneonta a good college?
Hey guys, I am looking at colleges and want to major in accounting. I have heard that Oneonta has one of the best instate accounting programs. Is that true. I also heard that old westbury an ... more

Saturday, 29th October 2011

What are the top 10 suny colleges?
I want to apply to a suny school but I don't know which ones are good? Help please. Or some good public universitys around the NYC area. ... more

Tuesday, 18th October 2011

transfer to Suny Oneonta?
I am currently a sophomore in college and I am looking to transfer into Suny Oneonta in the Spring 2012 Term. I have a 3.6 gpa and I am active in my college. What do you think my chances o ... more

Sunday, 27th September 2009

What college is more recommended Suny Albany or Suny Oneonta?
I am going to one of these two colleges next year and while I am going to visit these schools...I want to know your experience of these two. I heard in Suny Albany while its a party school i ... more


Sunday, 21st December 2008

What is the Best SUNY college to apply to?
Hello guys, Im looking for suny colleges that are good to apply for and I wanted to know in general which ones are the best from experiences, or just give me experiences to which one you wen ... more

Saturday, 12th June 2010

College search: SUNY Oswego vs. SUNY Oneonta..pros and cons?
These are two colleges I am interested in as a Junior (this upcoming year I'll be a Senior) in High School. I am top ten in my class. What are the pros and cons of each school? Wow very help ... more

Sunday, 11th September 2011

Best Colleges in New York for teaching?
For Elementary Education (1-6) ... more

Sunday, 24th February 2013

Applying to a SUNY College?
My cousin , has gone to summer school ONCE , she didnt do well her freshmen year , but overall , she did well her sophomore and junior yr , finishing up with a 3.0 gpa and a sat score of 166 ... more

Friday, 16th July 2010

What are the best SUNY schools to go to?
What are the best Suny schools to go to for sociology? I want to get a scholarship and my high school gpa is around 93.67, so what suny schools have that? Thanks so much! my plan in life is ... more

Wednesday, 15th May 2013

SAT scores for SUNY Oneonta?
what sat score would definitively get me into oneonta ... more

Kara T
Friday, 6th April 2007

what are the two oneonta colleges?
I know of the SUNY oneonta but i heard there's two colleges in oneonta ....whats the other one? ... more

Felis C
Tuesday, 8th July 2008

What colleges in New York have pre dentistry?
I live in Rochester and I was wondering if there is any colleges that have pre dentistry close to where I live. ... more

Gé Bauzá
Wednesday, 19th September 2007

Goog Colleges?
What are the best Colleges where you can study Film? ... more

Tuesday, 14th May 2013

Suny Colleges!?! which ones?
What Suny schools could i get into with a 3.2-3.3 gpa and a 1600 on the SATs? Safety Suny schools? On Level Suny schools? Stretch Suny schools? ... more

Wednesday, 12th September 2012

Admissions essay for Suny Oneonta!?
what are the topics for the admissions essay??? Ive been looking all over for them but i cant seem to find what im looking for...any ideas what the topic questions are or a website that list ... more

Japeth R
Sunday, 30th March 2008

What is Suny Oneonta's art program like?
Im pretty sure Im going there, although I haven't visited yet, just wondering what they're best known for, or if they have a decent art program ... more

Thursday, 13th August 2009

Is SUNY Oneonta a party college or a grounded one?
I am an 'older' college student (36yrs old) and I am researching local colleges to transfer to. I am a Early Childhood Education major. ... more

Wednesday, 10th February 2010

is SUNY Oneonta right for me?
I'm a high school senior who applied last minute to a highly unprioratized list of about 12 schools, and although I considered really competative, private institutions, I'm leaning more tow ... more

Monday, 20th October 2008

what are the best suny colleges?
I wanted to know based on stats, which suny colleges are ranked the best. i was just wondering based on the overall stats, which SUNY (State University of NY) colleges are the best. The bes ... more

Sunday, 8th November 2009

community college????????????????
so i messed up in hs and now im going to a community college upstate ny (occ). i just wanted to know since im going to a cc would i not be succeesful in life? by the way im planning on goin ... more

Sunday, 5th September 2010

what classes do i take at Suny Oneonta if I major in music industry?
I can't seem to be able to work my way around the Suny Oneonta website. I'm starting my first year at Nassau community college and would like to see if i can take any classes i could end up ... more

Monday, 22nd March 2010

will i get into these suny colleges?
i applied to suny cortland, new paltz and oneonta 3 weeks ago and i was wondering by these following things if i would make acceptance. i'm currently a 2nd semester freshmen at mercy college ... more

Sunday, 24th February 2008

sophmore looking into colleges?
ok so i play on varsity teams for my high school in queens and i want to continue to play at least basketball and softball in college. i also want to major law or medicine..i still havent de ... more

Monday, 27th May 2013

any good suny colleges?
i want to go to a suny college that provides really good music. i'm looking for some that are in the new york, new jersey, connecticut. area. any ideas?? i've looked at purchase, fredonia, o ... more

Monday, 19th March 2012

Would the following Community Colleges get their transfer credits accepted?
Lehman College Laguardia Community College Bronx Community College College of Staten Island I applied to suny schools with a 78% , 2.3 gpa and 1245 sat score. I still wanna have a back up t ... more

Friday, 13th July 2007

Cuny and Suny for 4 years bachelors degree?
Which Cuny and Suny colleges are good for a 4 year bachelors degree in computer science. Secondly, do you know any other university that offers quality education at the same cost of Cuny and ... more

Friday, 6th November 2009

Do you need a ssn to get into a suny college?
i want to apply to a suny college such as oneonta and i dont know if i can apply without a ssn. can someone please help me out? thanks. ... more

Zac Bars
Thursday, 25th August 2011

which SUNY college should i go to if im looking to major in biochem...?
I'm about to be a senior in high school and therefore i'm looking at all my college options. I live in NY so i'm mainly focusing on the SUNY schools. Any suggestions based on research or per ... more

cue the sun
Wednesday, 18th July 2007
Elizabeth W
Sunday, 22nd July 2007

Would this be a smart way to go about a dual major?
I am currently getting all my liberal arts requirements over with. I am attending a community college, so I will receive my associates. I am going to SUNY Oneonta for Elementary Education. O ... more

Saturday, 13th October 2007

Does the SAT determine which classes you get placed in?
I thought in college you get to chose which classes to sign up for. ... more

Tuesday, 16th October 2007

I am a college student and I want to do an exchange program to japan but my school doesnt
I am a college student and I want to do an exchange program to japan but my school doesnt offer it. I am taking japanese as a language right now and will take it for the next three semester ... more

Sunday, 11th November 2007

My SAT scores are crap.I need advice.Thanks?
critical reading- 50 math-480 Writing-540 those are my very crappy sat scores and Im worried im not going to get into college now.DO you think colleges will still accept kids who have horrib ... more

Sunday, 11th November 2007

I need college advice.Thank you!?
critical reading- 500 math-480 Writing-540 those are my very crappy sat scores and Im worried im not going to get into college now.DO you think colleges will still accept kids who have horri ... more

Monday, 19th November 2007

which of these colleges will i get into?
GPA- A- at competitive hs ACT-25 President of extracurricular club for 3 years Extensive amount of community service, other boards for extracurricular activities Schools SUNY Binghamton SUN ... more

Leah C
Tuesday, 20th November 2007

What are my chances of getting into the following colleges without an outstanding gpa?
I only got a 1090 on my SAT (not including the writing) and an 86.0 GPA. What are my chances at getting into the following schools? Northeastern University at Buffalo University of Vermont ... more

Wednesday, 16th January 2008

Found the degree I want, but can't find a school that offers it. Help!?
I want to study Gender Studies and I live In Maryland. Problem is I can't find a school that offers that degree. I would like to get a masters degree. I would see my advisors, but they don't ... more

Wednesday, 16th January 2008

what is a good university or college for the school of education in the new york state?
I want to do education.also not in new york city because i live in nyc and i want to go away but not too far. plus the college cant be too expensive but a reasonable price. ... more

Saturday, 8th March 2008

do colleges look at highschool latenesses and cuts?
i have many latenesses and a few cuts. will this effect my acceptance into a college? Im applying to SUNY schools. ... more

FBI Model
Wednesday, 19th March 2008

Which is better...?
Im deciding on which colleges to go to, and am making my big college road trip on spring break. your opinions, which is a better college and what does it have to offer... -SUNY-oneonta -New ... more

Monday, 31st March 2008

Universities that specialize in History?
I'm looking for a site or anything useful that can help me find a University that targets students who are interested in Military history and/or Ancient History. ... more

i am reptar
Tuesday, 1st April 2008

Which college is best for me?
I've been accepted to thess colleges so far: Ithaca College Hofstra University Clarkson University Emmanuel College SUNY at Oneonta St. Bonaventure University Alfred University Iona College ... more

Sunday, 4th May 2008

college choice?
current gpa: 3.64 current grade: 11th SAT I: 1490 (CR: 470, W: 470, MATH: 550) NO SAT II (yet?) I must get into a SUNY or my parents will disown me. Okay, not really, but they will be very ... more

Sunday, 1st June 2008

What are some good colleges to go to for meteorology?
I am a freshmen in high school but i want to start looking at colleges early so i know where i want to go. I would love to study meteorology but i have no idea what colleges to look at that ... more

matt c
Wednesday, 25th June 2008

College Question?
I get my SAT scores back tomorrow, I got a 24 on the planning on taking both tests again to to even better with more prep..i have a low gpa of 2.7...doesnt mean i cant get it up my f ... more

Wednesday, 16th July 2008

Question about transferring colleges after my first year?
i'm about to start my first year of college and i am going to attend nassau community college . my major is food and nutrition . my dad wants me to stay at nassau for two years and get a ass ... more

Tuesday, 19th August 2008

Can I get into the following NY Colleges?
Information: GPA - 87.6 Extra-curricular activities/clubs: 7 **President of two extra-curricular activities Sports: 2(Winter and Spring track) SAT(didn't do well at all): Math: 620 Writing: ... more

David B
Sunday, 31st August 2008

commuter college social life problems help please!?
im a freshman at baruch college in nyc this yr. school litterally started less than a week ago and i feel like i want to transfer out! i hate commuting, and the fact that everyone commutes. ... more

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