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Has anyone been accuse of plagiarizing at the University of Phoenix? What has happen to you?

Asked by cgarcia
my professor told me that i plagiarize one of my assignments, which I told him this was a mistake because I submit it to the CWE to check it and it came back zero similarities. So I just want to know what is going to happen?

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Answered by RoaringMice
Eri: The U of P asks its students to submit their papers to the university's plagiarism software, so this person's having done that is in no way indicative of her having cheated. Instead, it's what a good student at this university routinely does. CGarcia: The professors have access to more plagiarism checking resources than the students do. He may well have found something that didn't turn up in your own check. Let the professor know that you didn't intentionally plagiarize anything. Ask him what's next. In fact, ask if you can see his report, so you can see exactly what he sees, and ask if you can see the original source, so you can see what he thinks was copied. The official procedures at the U of P are that the professor has some choices, depending on how severe the incident was. He could fail you for that assignment, or fail you for the class, and he'll report you to the university. But professors do have some latitude with this, depending on the situation. So review his report and the original source. If you made a genuine mistake, let him know that. But if you did this intentionally, and if that's obvious based on what you see from his report and the original source, then you are stuck.

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