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Can I pass a class at University of Phoenix if I have a D?

Asked by luvbug
I might get a 64 - 68% -- will this be a passing grade?

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Answered by Summer
It depends on the program; you'll need to look at your program guidelines. Under Grading Procedures in the Academic Catalog, it states: "D- is the minimum passing grade for a University course; however, some University programs and courses require higher minimum grades (College of Arts and Sciences, Education, Nursing, Counseling). Minimum grade requirements are documented within policy for those specific programs. Students who receive a grade below the minimum passing grade established for a course will not earn quality points as the grade is considered a failing grade." In most classes, 67-69% in a D+. A 64-66% should be a D. (My rubrics stop at D+.) In most classes, you should be okay.

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