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is a 1550 SAT score good enough to get accepted into the University of Pittsburgh?

Asked by Bloop
I took the SATs in June and got a 1550. I just applied to the University of Pittsburgh and I was wondering if that score is good enough to get accepted to the main campus of Pitt. I am going to retake the SATs this October to see if I can bring my score up, which brings me to another question... I can send my scores again right?

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Answered by nany
According to College Board: Test Scores Middle 50% of First-Year Students SAT Critical Reading: 570 - 680 SAT Math: 590 - 680 SAT Writing: 560 - 660 The average student applies with a minimum 1720 SAT score. This doesn't necessarily mean you can't get in with your score, although a higher one will help. The vigor of your classes, your extracurricular activities, teacher and counselor recommendations, etc will all help in the application process. SAT scores aren't the only thing they take into account when looking at an application

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