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Monday, 17th December 2007

What is a Moc for the University of Tennessee Chattanooga?
The logo is a train, but I can't seem to find out what the Mocs mean. Chattanooga Mocs. ... more

Kevin Jones
Sunday, 10th April 2011

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga or Knoxville?
I'm a senior and am deciding between these two schools. Most of my friends are going to Knoxville, and I love my friends(OB). I want to major in Business Management of some kind- specificall ... more

Wednesday, 7th July 2010

University of Memphis or University of Tennessee at Chattanooga?
I live closer to the U of M, but my brother recently got a job in Chattanooga. So I could live relatively cost free at both schools. My parents are not paying any of my tuition or other fees ... more

Holly, (:
Tuesday, 30th November 2010

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga?
I applied to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on November 13 & the school just sent me transcript November 29. Does anyone have an idea about how long it will take to get my letter ... more

Friday, 27th April 2012

Admission to University of Tennessee in Chattanooga?
Okay, so I'm graduating a year early from high school and I have a 3.65 GPA and a 21 ACT composite. I also have all the necessary classes in order to graduate(of course). I have applied to t ... more

Wednesday, 11th September 2013

Should I go to University of Tennessee at Martin or Chattanooga?
I can't decide which school I want to go to. Which one is better? ... more


Megan Elizabeth
Friday, 8th April 2011

Is the University of Tennessee Chattanooga a good school?
I am thinking of Transferring and I wanted to know if its known to be a good school? Is it a party school? Is it in a nice area? What is the campus like? Any thing else you could tell me? Th ... more

Friday, 31st December 2010

Can I get into university of tennessee chattanooga?
now please I don't wanna hear you're stupid or try community college. I've already been accepted at a state university I just want to know if I can get accepted into this one as well this is ... more

A Soldier's Girl <3
Sunday, 10th October 2010

University of Tennessee: Chattanooga?
I submitted my application today for the Fall 2011 semester. When will I know if I got accepted or not? ... more

Tuesday, 13th December 2011
Wednesday, 16th November 2011

Which is better...Chattanooga University or Knoxville?
I'm a student in CA who is planning on doing a national student exchange to a different state, I'm a country girl who wants to get the real experience for a semester. So I was thinking Tenne ... more

allie d
Monday, 16th April 2007

Tennessee Universities?
to the best of your knowledge i would appreciate it if people could attempt to place these tennessee state universities in order from most to least prestigious. UT Knoxville UT Chattanooga ... more

Tuesday, 23rd June 2009

University of Tennessee questions?
how competitive is this school to get into? average gpa/test scores? act or sat better for admission? which of the campuses is the most rural? anyone have any info on the rodeo team there... ... more

Friday, 26th November 2010

Help finding college near Chattanooga, tennessee?
Hi, my boyfriend and I are trying to find a college for him to go to. It needs to be in the chattanooga area or possibly the Ringgold/Dalton, Georgia area. So north Georgia. The closer to ch ... more

Sunday, 3rd March 2013

Georgia State University or University of Tennessee Chattanooga?
I am considering these two colleges. I am a resident of Tennessee and am an African American female. I want to become a CRNA. What i am looking for in a school is a good academic program and ... more

Wednesday, 6th April 2011

What are some well known colleges in Tennessee?
I want to major in secondary education. Basically I want to be a high school math teacher. I live ion Pennsylvania and I don't know any colleges there so I could use some help. Thanks. :) ... more

kelly s
Friday, 31st August 2007

is the UNIVERSITY of TENNESSEE at CHATTANOOGA a good school?
does it have a good reputation? have a nice campus? in a good area? ... more

Agent J
Sunday, 24th October 2010

What is the best engineering school in Tennessee?
For a degree in civil engineering, or anything similar, what is the best state university in Tennessee? ... more

Wednesday, 14th January 2009

What is a good colege in Tennessee that best computer engineer.?
Thanks n can you please rank these university base on how well it would get excep when you find jobs and stuffs? Tennessee university Vanderbilt Tennessee tech university? What a other colle ... more

Monday, 9th January 2006
Thomas E
Saturday, 16th May 2009

University of Tennessee Chattanooga admission?
i have a 2.02 gpa and a got a 20 on my act, i go to a well respected private high school and i was wondering what my chances of being accepted were. does the high school that you attended fa ... more

Thursday, 3rd June 2010

Does the University of Tennessee Knoxville campus have a Med school?
I was wondering. I know there is a UT Med school in Memphis, but I don't really want to go to Memphis. Is there one in Knoxville, as well? ... more

Monday, 22nd June 2009

Whats University of Tennessee: Chattanooga's tuition.?
I need to take out a loan to cover tuition and other expenses and was wondering how much should i take out. i need to know how much the tuition is with room and board included ... more

allie d
Monday, 26th February 2007

state universities?
will it be harder for me to get into state schools such as the university of tennessee-knoxville, university of tennessee chattanooga ,university of north carolina wilmington and uconn just ... more

Julia M
Tuesday, 6th February 2007

What is the reputation of the University of Tennessee??
I was just wondering how good the University of Tennessee is, and what the best subjects is there to take, because i may be attending it next spring. Anyone help me out on this plz?? ... more

Saturday, 6th August 2011

What are some affordable colleges in Tennessee?
Some affordable colleges/universities for international students, specifically offering degree in Computer Science or IT, in the State of Tennessee. Any help is appreciated. ... more

kelly s
Monday, 6th August 2007

help with tennessee state universities?
im looking into University of Tennessee- knoxville UT- Chattanooga Middle Tennessee can people please tell me about the schools and their opinions? im not looking for stats or anything ju ... more

Sunday, 3rd November 2013

What Are the Best Dorms at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga?
I'll be going here fall of 2014 so i was wondering what are the best dorms on campus and what are the ones I need to stay away from. I haven't been able to go on a tour there yet, but I woul ... more

Saturday, 9th July 2011

Do you think I can get into the University of Tennessee- Chattanooga?
I am going into senior year and as of right now i have a GPA of 3.01 and I have taken the ACT twice and gotten a 21 on it both times. I am a Tennessee resident and I would like to know if I ... more

Tuesday, 14th July 2009

University of Tennessee or University of Memphis? Which one is better and funner???!!?
ok i was wanting to make a decision between university of tennessee chattanooga or university of memphis..which is bigger and which is more fun???tell me everything about.. i want to know wh ... more

Sunday, 22nd October 2006

I need people who are currently attending or have graduated recently from one of these two
If you have graduated from Middle Tennessee State University(MTSU) or Univeristy of Tennessee(UT) then please help me. I'm about to graduate and those are my two dream colleges and I need h ... more

allie d
Sunday, 25th February 2007

are theses good colleges?
these are my 9 reach and good match colleges iam considering applying to, i havent yet decided on my safety schools. any input anyone has on ANY of these schools would be GREATLY appreciate ... more

allie d
Monday, 26th February 2007

state universities?
will it be harder for me to get into state schools such as the university of tennessee-knoxville, university of tennessee chattanooga ,university of north carolina wilmington and uconn just ... more

allie d
Monday, 26th February 2007

good variety of colleges?
these are 11 potential colleges im considering applying too. generally, is this a good variety of easier to get into schools, good schools and reach schools. Northeastern University Unive ... more

Friday, 25th May 2007

Near your home?
What does all these places have in common? Washington, D. C. – the Pentagon Washington, D. C. – the National Cathedral. Washington, D.C. - Market Square Nova Scotia, Canada – the Ba ... more

kelly s
Sunday, 5th August 2007

can someone rank these schools in order?
Middle Tennessee State University UT- Knoxville UT- Chattanooga UT-Martin Belmont also which has a better music business program, MTSU or Belmont? i also would appreciate any information o ... more

kelly s
Thursday, 13th September 2007

could i get into these colleges?
I have around a 3.6 gpa. ive taken a few ap classes. ive played 3 varsity sports for 4 years and held captain positions. im in 1 club. id be an out of state student at all the schools. 1. ... more

Monday, 24th September 2007

im the first person in my family to go to college and i dont know what to do!!!! PLEASE HE
i live in TN and i want to go to ither UT chatanooga, or UT knoxville, if any of yall know about them. thanks alot guys! ... more

I-Married-Tobi <(^.^)>
Sunday, 13th January 2008

Is UAT a good school?
Hello. I'm a 16 year old girl who lives in Tennessee. I am seeking to be a video game designer. A lot of people say I still have a lot of time to decide, but I want to get school over with ... more

Thursday, 14th February 2008

I really want to go to University of Tennessee at Knoxville. How is the crime rate at UTK
I only want answers I can use. I prefer if the person has been or at UTK or live in Knoxville. ... more

Monday, 3rd March 2008

What college in tennessee can i get a masters in occupational therapy?
I want to either be a Physical therapist,Occupational Therapist,or a Respitory therapist.And I need to know a college i can go to so i can become either one of them. ... more

Xx Kesshin Xx
Sunday, 20th July 2008

Course of Study help?
I'm about to move to the University of Tennessee Chattanooga next month, and I'm having trouble with deciding my major. I'm trying to decide between studying to be an environmental scientis ... more

Sunday, 10th August 2008

What university in Texas would you recommend?
My family is moving to Texas and I am currently a student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I'm about to be a sophomore, double majoring in accounting and financing. My GPA is a ... more

Randi S
Tuesday, 2nd September 2008

Pursuing a Masters in Education?
I am a North GA resident, close to the Tennessee border and Chattanooga area. In pursuing my Bachelor's degree, I attended a very well-respected College in my area. Two years after graduat ... more

*UT Lover*
Friday, 19th September 2008

Becoming a Doctor at UT?
I want to go to The University of Tennessee to become a doctor. The Graduate School of Medicine is at UT Knoxville and the College of Medicine is at UT Memphis and UT Chattanooga. What is th ... more

Thursday, 23rd October 2008

Have you or someone you ever known got into a university with a distance learning highscho
I am currently enrolled in a distant learning high school and I want to go to The University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, but they said they had really high standards for distant learning st ... more

Friday, 5th December 2008

College Academic Forgiveness for High School Students?
I am a dual-enrollment student in the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. I took Chemistry and Calculus III and I have done extremely poorly. When I attempted to drop it was too late. Fami ... more

Wednesday, 28th January 2009

Which of those USA unis are best for an exchange student?
which states are best in terms of a freindly enviroment, activities, low crime rate etc.. I should apply to 9 of those universities in order of prefrence Institution San Diego State Univers ... more

Matthew H
Sunday, 22nd February 2009

What's my best option for a MBA graduate school Program?
I recently got my bachelors, and I am planning to move back to Chattanooga, TN where I'm from because I believe I can get a full time job there, at the same time I would like to pursue a Mas ... more

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