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U.S. History Please Help?

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For items 1-5, match each term with its description below. Type the letter of your answer choice in the box below each description. *You will NOT use all the terms. Roe v. Wade migrant farm worker National Organization for Women (NOW) Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Latino Ralph Nader Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) American Indian Movement (AIM) counterculture Woodstock festival Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 1. group that fought for Native American treaty rights and self-government (1 point) 2. group that worked for compensation for Japanese Americans interned during World War II (1 point) 3. Spanish-speaking person from Latin America (1 point) 4. person who moves from farm to farm planting and harvesting crops (1 point) 5. law that would make discrimination based on a person’s sex illegal (1 point) Multiple Choice Choose the item that best completes the statement or answers the question. IDENTIFYING MAIN IDEAS 6. After watching television coverage of the brutal tactics used against protesters by the Birmingham police, even opponents of the Civil Rights Movement were (1 point) appalled by the police violence. angry with the peaceful protesters. supportive of the actions of the police. uninterested in the confrontation. 7. Essayist James Baldwin wrote about the (1 point) white viewpoint on civil rights. benefits of a segregated society. effectiveness of sit-ins. violent consequences of segregation. 8. The Black Panthers wanted African Americans to (1 point) end the urban riots. lead their own communities. practice nonviolent protest. join interracial groups. 9. During the 1960 presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy promised to (1 point) win the Cold War against the Soviet Union. cut back dramatically on military spending. get the American economy moving again. abolish the electoral college. 10. What was the intent of the Immigration Act of 1965, which was passed during the Johnson administration? (1 point) to increase the number of immigrants from northern and western Europe to eliminate quotas restricting immigration from certain countries to reduce the total annual number of immigrants to the United States to stem the flow of political refugees to the United States 11. Kennedy believed that he could encourage stability in Latin America by (1 point) promoting economic development. cooperating with Communist governments. supporting popular revolutions. ending social-reform programs. 12. The Equal Rights Amendment passed Congress in 1972 and then (1 point) was vetoed by the President. was approved by the Supreme Court. became law 10 years later. failed in the ratification process. 13. In the 1960s, Mexican Americans fought discrimination in (1 point) cultural and religious matters. labor unions. professional sports. jobs, education, and legal matters. 14. A major theme of the book Silent Spring, which helped start the Environmental Movement, was that (1 point) human beings are superior to the nature around them. human beings and nature are separate but equal. human beings and nature are separate and unequal. humans are part of nature, and all parts of nature interact. 15. Why did South Vietnamese military leaders overthrow Diem? (1 point) He had joined the Communists. He had lost American support. He had tried to flee Saigon. He had converted to Buddhism. Essay CRITICAL THINKING 16. Making Comparisons On the issue of segregation, compare the views of Martin Luther King, Jr. to those of Malcolm X.

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