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how hard is it get into Washington University in St. Louis as an advertising major?

Asked by tarlarlala-3-
I'm interested in majoring in advertising. i dont know how hard it is to get into that school as an advertising major. i know that the school is a REALLY good school and REALLY hard to get into but what do i need to make it into that university

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Answered by ownpool
About 75% of those admitted have an SAT above 1380 and 96% are in the top 10% of their high school class. Fewer than 20% of the applicants are admitted, once legacies and other special categories have been taken care of. If I were admitted, I would think about majoring in an academic subject which would lead to professional school, rather than in advertising. An education is a terrible thing to waste. Advertising may sound glamourous, but it is a very difficult field in which to find steady work.

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