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Is Western Carolina University a good school?

Asked by lovemybrody

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Answered by Coconut1
I graduated from WCU in 2004...I'm not sure what you mean by "good" but I enjoyed it. The biggest complaint/disappointment I used to hear from freshmen was that there wasn't much to do there. Located in the mountains, there is plenty to do outdoors with the Blue Ridge Mountains a short drive away (hiking trails), Nantahala River (whitewater rafting), Deep Creek (tubing), and so on...As far as academics, depending on what your major will be will determine what type of education you receive. What I mean by that is those who major in Business at WCU are more likely to get a more thorough education as opposed to some other majors. The studies are a bit more or less involved depending on what you major in. I also know that WCU is currently expanding so construction and dealing with that will be an issue if you attend. Going to college, no matter where you choose, will be essential to leading a successful career life.

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