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Is Westwood College a good school? Does that has a good reputation?

Asked by Kirsten
I am a High School senior thinking of majoring Interior design / architect. Today a representative from Westwood College Los Angeles came to our school and gave us a talk. His presentation made me feel interested about that school. But of course.. a school representative will promote the school. So.. What do you guys think about that college? Is that a good private school to go to and does it had a good reputation? Like if you are a employer, will you hire people graduate from that college? Thank you..

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Answered by Bill
STAY CLEAR. I found the following: 'Westwood College Is A Total Scam. I Was An Admissions Rep Trying To Get Suckers To Sign Up. I Would Not Want A Degree From There Even If It Was Offered Free. Which It Was To Us(all We Had To Do Was Pay For Books). Credits Wont Transfer To Normal Colleges - Employers Never Heard Of It. We Would Call Poetential Students "jerry Springers" Named After The Idiots That Would Call Up And Act Like People From The Jerry Springer Show. High Pressure Sales To Get Your Money. It Costs $80,000 To Go To Westwood. Go To Your State School, If You Don't Your An Idiot. The Trick Is They Try To Find Your Pain And Then Use That Back Against You To Try To Get You To Sign Up. Scam Scam Scam. What Kind Of A College Has Every Test As Open Book Online? Beware:they Will Pretend It Is An Interview And Recommendation Process, However, They Are Praying That You Will Pay And Sign Up. Everybody Is Recomended. They would sign up you dog if you gave them the application fee' and 'This Is The Worst School In History. Expensive And Worth Nothing. The Accreditation Is Not Reconized.' Thanks Bill

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