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Has anyone graduated from Westwood college's criminal justice program and is now working in law enforcement?

Asked by oc sue
Not the online program. I am talking about attending their 3 year in-class program for a bachelors degree in criminal justice. There have been a lot of negative comments about the school, but when I called my local police and sheriff's departments, they said Westwood was on the list of accredited schools.

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Answered by Mendy G
i used to work for WW but i quit because of the ethics. i am not sure about graduating students. i am sure there has been some. now the one thing i will let you know is that they are a nationally accredited school, which is fine if you stay and graduate. i know the CJ program is very hands on. however if you decide that you would like to transfer out, or try and transfer credits in you are not going to get anywhere. my suggestion for CJ is to go to your local college. there is no sense for you to spend $80, 000 on a CJ degree. if you choose to further your education into a masters program you may not get in to a masters program with the 80k bachelor degree you have obtained. you never know where the future can bring you.

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