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Yahoo! Ranks as Editors' Pick for Latest Feature

The latest feature from - College Questions and Answers - is getting so much notice throughout the Education and Internet communities that Yahoo! has rated it an Editors' Pick for development. This feature can match prospective students - and their parents - with answers to all their questions from people attending the schools they are interested in. Powered by Yahoo! Answers, this new section provides some of the most important information that students need when deciding on a college or university, and has become a welcome addition for users all over the country.

Using College Questions and Answers, prospective students - and their parents - can find important information on only individual colleges and universities. CompleteSchools also includes sections with answers to the general questions everyone has about attending college with large sections on student loans, admission exams and essays, and letters of recommendation. These answers, along with everything else provided, make the most comprehensive college and university website in the country, and a site that is being recognized by the entire internet community, including Yahoo! See the entire write up from Yahoo! at

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