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And where should they start their research when there is so much information available?

Prospective college students are often told they should apply to seven to ten colleges, but the real question they should be asking is which seven to ten colleges are potentially right for me? Before they start the application process most students have what they think is the perfect college for them, but they need to do the correct research to determine if that college is even worth applying to. A great place to start is, one of the most comprehensive guides to colleges and universities in the country.

With thousands of colleges offering a multitude of different degree programs, prospective students can get drowned in promotional material, and most of it is from schools that wouldn't be a good match for them. There are several questions that a student needs to answer before applying for a college. First, does the college offer a good program in their prospective major? If it does, how much competition is there to get accepted in that major program? Finally, what kind of resume does the student have and should this get them into the college?

These answers should tell the student whether to apply at the specific school, plus they can also help the student decide if they should apply to more colleges than just seven to ten. If the prospective student's program of choice is a difficult one to get into at many colleges, they should apply to more than seven to ten colleges. The same would be true if the student wasn't at the top of their class in high school.

Once the student has a good idea of how many colleges to apply to and criteria for determining if the school is a good fit, they should consider their feelings about the college itself. This is one of the most important decisions of their life and they should not just apply to schools that might have a program they can live with. Students should not apply for colleges that they don't want to go to, even if they haven't applied at the correct number of schools. (Remember, most colleges have charges just to apply.)

This is where can be an invaluable service. The site offers extensive knowledge of all colleges and universities in the United States, including: admission statistics, degrees offered, enrollment data, and total costs - including the application fee. By providing a complete list of colleges and universities by location and degrees offered, makes all of this information incredibly easy to look through. Also, contains advice on writing application essays and applying for scholarships. It even allows users to apply to hundreds of schools online, making the entire process very painless.

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