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Thursday, 15th March 2007

Do american colleges look at the college entrance exams of other countries.Specifically Pa
This test is much more difficult than the SAT in math and sciences. Will a good score in this test be recognized,or will they only evaluate American college entrance exams? ... more

lamont p
Friday, 8th September 2006

in texas if you pass communty college entrance exams, but don't pass the math part can you
the non math courses before retaking the math part, or must you pass all parts of the entrance exams before enrolling at all? Specifically DCCCD- Dallas community college ... more

Tito D
Thursday, 26th October 2006

Are there studies on the "Relationship b/w Performance in College Entrance Exams and Succe
I am doing a research paper on the general topic mentioned. More specifically, on Performance in the College Entrance Exams for Math and Grades in College Math1. I searched Yahoo (and Google ... more

Tuesday, 18th April 2006

College entrance exams???
I heard people with disabilities can take assessment tests on a computer, without having to take the SAT. Maybe I misunderstood. I'm not sure. But.. is there any type of test, a person WITH ... more

Friday, 15th September 2006

College entrance exams in Europe?
I'm American, and I'm looking at the possibility of going to college in Europe. I'll already be taking the ACT, SAT, and PSAT, but are there any other tests I should think about taking? And ... more

Tuesday, 20th March 2007

How do I prepare college entrance exams?
What should I study/review ? Do you know any good sites that can help me prepare? ... more

John B
Thursday, 3rd August 2006
Tuesday, 3rd April 2007
Wednesday, 2nd August 2006
Tuesday, 14th August 2007

community college entrance exam?
Does anyone know how long placement/entrance exam is? Or how many questions per exam subject? Also, they said one portion is writing an essay. Do you do that in class or do you have time to ... more

Wednesday, 27th December 2006

College entrance exam?
I took the ASSET test to get into community college, but now I want to go to a university. Do I have to take the SAT test to get in? I have never taken it? ... more

Tuesday, 11th September 2007

ateneo college entrance exam testing fee?
is it sooo damn true about that P5000??? whoa! help..!!! if so.. explain everything to me =) pls.. ... more

Thursday, 1st March 2007

Any recommended college entrance exam review centers in the Metro Manila Philippines?
I want to review and I wanted to know a good place I could go to. Even better if you guys know of a private tutor and how much do they charge. ... more

Tuesday, 14th August 2007
Thursday, 27th April 2006
Thursday, 11th May 2006

How hard is the College entrance exam?
Is it reasonably hard or easy? Made for people to pass...or study?? ... more

Wednesday, 31st October 2007

Do some colleges have their own entrance exams?
If so, which college with its own entrance exam is the most difficult to get into? I mean do any schools have their own specialized exam that you must pass in order to be accepted? ... more

Wednesday, 3rd May 2006

how tough is an entrance exam for a college prep?
My friend is applying for a college prep school, and since I go to a public one and in my 3rd year, i woul;d not know. What type of Questions are on there? Is it very difficult ... more

Tuesday, 25th July 2006

After my completion of B tech i want to do MS in US so send me details about entrence exam
Name the entrance exams that US colleges offer like gre tofel etc. If we did'nt get rank what we want to do.what is the amount we want to pay if we get rank or did'nt. ... more

Thursday, 26th January 2006

how is the college 'alliance academy" for mba? also tell me good colleges from MAT exams.?
i m doing a prepration for MBA entrance exams, and i want to apply for the colleges through MAT exam. ... more

Tuesday, 29th May 2007

taking a spanish placement exam for my college entrance?
any advice? any websites i should look at to study? any thing i should be aware of? happy wishes? ;-) thanks a bunch!! ... more

Monday, 25th December 2006

Solution for the college entrance examination?
i had taken an international exam GCE o level examination in Singapore and the exam is just like any other internation college entrance examination (SAT). But i think that my score won't be ... more

Saturday, 14th April 2007

How do kids in canada go to college??
i have heard that there is no formal college entrance exam in canada, so how do kids in canada go to college? is it hard for them to go to a top tier school in canada? like those who prep fo ... more

Sunday, 14th January 2007

Can anyone give me the list of Entrance Exams for MBBS in 2007 in INDIA??
Please try to giv me the top 15 medical colleges and their dates of entrance exams. ... more

Monday, 29th October 2007

How hard is the entrance exam in University of the East and San Beda College?
I have been searching for entrance exam tips in different schools like San Beda and UE. To those who took their entrance exams or who are already studying in such schools, can you give any t ... more

Saturday, 22nd September 2007

Entrance exams?
Hello..I need help in deciding abt colleges after 12th std..Which are the good ones in tamil nadu preferably chennai? I am currently doing cbse. I also wanna know what all entrance exams i m ... more

Thursday, 12th April 2007

College Placement Math Exam?
I am getting ready to take an entrance exam for college mathematics and I am a little stuck on a question that's on the study guide. I just don't know how to approach the exponents under th ... more

Sunday, 8th July 2007

I wish to enter this stream of animation.what are the entrance exams like?.?
HI. I wish to enter this stream of computer animation. I have researched about just few animation couses to undertake. Im not confident enough about what kind of exams are held.Right now Im ... more

Miledis D
Sunday, 28th October 2007

college exan?
can some tell me what I should studie to pass the entrance exam for college ... more

Monday, 15th October 2007

Can you pass the UPCAT (The Phiippine Entrance Exam for colleges) without any taglog skill
I am an American Filipino, I can speak and understand Tagalog but can not read, and probably can not analyze a filipino question and know nothing about philippine history. Are there any ques ... more

Shamla M
Saturday, 13th January 2007

any online tests to prepare for medical entrance exam in india?
preparation for medical college entrance (MBBS) in India ... more

shekhar s
Saturday, 16th June 2007

Cut off marks for medical entrance exams?
i wanted to know that,how can i know (on which site) i will know cut off marks of medical colleges in mumbai.plz let me know the medical site ... more

Friday, 1st June 2007

college course???
im 15 and having a difficult choice for college. ill be taking entrance exams in like i guess next month and still dont kow what course to take... please help me... whats the difference of b ... more

zhang Q
Saturday, 10th June 2006

Urgent help from the English Native speakers--an English question?
I am a teacher of English in China. The following test item is taken from China National College Entrance English Examinations, which were held just on June 8th,2006. Engines are to machin ... more

mogu mogu paku paku
Sunday, 22nd October 2006

Grades and university admission in Canada?
As far as I'm aware, Canadian universities consider applicants chiefly on the basis of the grades they receive at school. Of course, there are other factors - extracurriculars, etc. - but I ... more

Sunday, 22nd July 2007

teenage problems?
1st,thx 4 sparin ur time to help me.Im a 16yr old student suffering from some problems. (1)I'm goin to attend the college entrance exam next yr & get quite stressed.It might be reason that ... more

mogu mogu paku paku
Sunday, 22nd October 2006

Grades and university admission in Canada?
As far as I'm aware, Canadian universities consider applicants chiefly on the basis of the grades they receive at school. Of course, there are other factors - extracurriculars, etc. - but I ... more

Thursday, 5th July 2007

Kaplan University?
Is the Kaplan Online University any good? or does it have a good reputation? Im thinking about taking the Associates Of Applied Science In Criminal Justice on there. If Kaplan isnt any goo ... more

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