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Thursday, 18th January 2007

College majors?
is european mysticism really a college major...any one know any other intresting college majors having to do with english, literture, or something like mythology! ... more

Wednesday, 28th November 2007

College Majors?
Im in highschool and we are doing a porject, in which we have to plan out our college goals and and majors and such. And I was wondering if anyone knew of a major that was fun and interestin ... more

Sunday, 13th May 2007

College Majors????
My Daughter is 16 and she is deciding which college she wants to go to but she doesnt know what majors to take. She wants to be a Fashion Editor at a Fashion Magazine like Vogue and Such for ... more

c'est moi SnItcHeS!!!
Sunday, 22nd October 2006

college majors?
Is there a college majors where you travel the world after college. For example can you learn medicine and travel with it and get paid good money just by traveling to different countries and ... more

Michelle L
Wednesday, 12th July 2006

College Majors?
What are the top majors college students choose? ... more

Lydia G
Tuesday, 30th October 2007

College Majors?
I have no earthly idea what I want to major in at college, I do NOT want to go to college if I am not going to get a job in the field of my major. I thought about being a 2nd or 3rd grade te ... more

Rachel S
Sunday, 29th April 2007

College Majors?
I know that I'm going to college, but I have no idea what to major in. I know that I want to be a famous musician/singer/songwriter, but what should I major in to do that? Thanks ... more

just a girl
Tuesday, 18th July 2006

college majors ?
now if im looking in to a career as a ob/gyn or a person who delivers babies( same thing ) what major in college should i take and whats a good college to attend in texas mainly ... more

Thursday, 8th February 2007

College Majors?
In college, I majored in environmental studies (ES). The department chairman for ES always said there were many ES jobs. But whenever I saw want ads, I saw very few if any ES jobs. Howeve ... more

Tuesday, 5th June 2007

College majors?
I'm about to be a senior in high school and I have no idea what I want to do. That is starting to become more and more scary, because I'm going to have to start applying to colleges. I think ... more

Robert W
Thursday, 20th September 2007

College Majors.....?
ive noticed a few colleges locally have a major call "sports management" what is this and what jobs does this offer ... more

Stripe Panther 1989
Wednesday, 18th October 2006

College Majors???
what majors should i consider for my career? im trying to become an internal medicine doctor or a LPN i need any and all potential majors (or PhD's) that i might need money and schooling are ... more

Nick M
Tuesday, 16th October 2007

College Majors?
So im in the middle of deciding on if i should change my major or not. Right now i am thinking of going into Criminal Justice. The problem is i dont really know if that actually what i want ... more

Wednesday, 17th October 2007

College majors..?
what majors should i take to be in the directing business [movie director]? ... more

Saturday, 30th December 2006

College Majors??
I have no clue what i want to have as a major and i have a lot of interests.... i dont want to pick a school and then finally choose my major only to find out that the school i picked doesn' ... more

Sunday, 4th March 2007

college majors?
Right now I really think that I want to go into something that has to do with animals but not a vet (I don't think I could operate on animals or see them extremely sick). I have been thinki ... more

Friday, 13th April 2007

College Majors?
I want to major in these Master of Business Administration Bachelor of Music (double) and also a minor degree in French. Is this all possible? I am currently in the International Bacca ... more

Wednesday, 10th January 2007

College majors!?
I am 13 years old and I have been thinking alot about what I wanna do when I grow up. What will I major in? I am into computer desgining/graphics. I also wanna be a writer too! And an artist ... more

Monday, 24th September 2007

College Majors?
How do you kno that you have picked the right one for yourself? ... more

Tuesday, 6th November 2007

College majors/minors...?
Looking for some inspiration. If you are attending, or did attend college: -What is/was your major? -How many times did you switch majors? -If you got your undergrad degree, what did you en ... more

I want solid answers
Thursday, 18th October 2007

What college majors are considered the most useful or practical to ppl, especially in the
What college majors/concentrations are considered the most useful or practical to people, especially to Americans? Sorry for bringing up the ancient-aged science versus humanities debate. ... more

Lola P
Sunday, 6th August 2006

are most college majors completely useless???
i graduated from college and im going to grad i definitely think education is important... however, almost everyone i know who i graduated with has gotten a job that has nothing ... more

Thursday, 2nd August 2007

Marketable College Majors?
Some college majors are clearly considered marketable, such as Predentistry, Computer Software Engineering, and International Business Some college majors are clearly considered unmarketbal ... more

Monday, 27th March 2006

College majors by gender in past few decades?
Does anyone know where I can find a gender breakdown of college majors by gender for the past 25 or so years up until now? Or, which office at a university/college would I contact to find o ... more

Thursday, 10th August 2006

Questions about college majors?
Im a student at UTSA. It seems like there is so many buisiness majors. Do you think that business majors are so broad it might be hard or very competitive to get a job with a Financemajor? a ... more

Rach B
Friday, 14th September 2007

Which college majors?
What college majors can you do to have a decent salary with only a bachlors degree? ... more

Sunday, 17th June 2007

Interesting College Majors?
I am wondering if there is any really interesting college majors out there that I can possibly do... I don't know what I want to do but I know I want it to be never boring. thanks ... more

Monday, 25th December 2006

which one of these 4 college majors do you think will be better for me in future?
I am currently a high school senior. I have taken mostly all the important classes I need to take to graduate and fullfill my credit. I am planning to go to a community college for first 2 y ... more

Tuesday, 30th October 2007

I am a college student who keeps changing majors & I cant find 1 I really like. Does any1
I need a major!!!!!!!! I need a website that maybe suggests college majors ... more

Wednesday, 11th April 2007

What are some of the more unique college majors you've heard of?
Name some of the more unique college majors you've encountered, and which schools you've seen offering them. . . majors that are not offered in many places, and that are outside what most pe ... more

Sunday, 26th November 2006

Is there any on-line websites that give free information on college majors? If so can you
I am a grade 11 student and have absolutely no idea on what I want to do when I finish high school. So, it would really help if someone could provide me with information on where I can read ... more
Monday, 26th March 2007

Waht high school classes could i take to help be prepare in a career for psychiarty? Waht
What college majors, degrees and training is nessisary for this career? ... more

Thursday, 11th January 2007

I'm a junior in high school but don't no Wat i want 2 do in college where can i find a lis
i want to know all the different college majors and about them ... more

Saturday, 3rd March 2007

College Majors, I Have A Major Problem!!!?
Okay, my problem is...I have looked at every different major that I possibly can and I DONT LIKE ANY OF THEM! Right now, I am a Criminal Justice major at a community college (future transfe ... more

Kelsey R
Friday, 13th July 2007

About college majors...please help me?
I am going into my senior year in high school and I need to look at colleges. I want to major in music performance, and Berklee University in Boston looks like a good choice for my interests ... more

Tuesday, 17th July 2007

Suggestions on College Majors?
I'm a college JUNIOR who has no idea what to do I have tested every major under the sun. I have gone from a History, Physiology, Psychology, Nursing, Premed, PrePharm, CIS/CS, Math, English ... more

Wednesday, 11th January 2006

What college majors have the brightest future and make the most money?
My son needs some advice on choosing a college major. One factor is how much money he can make. He would like to choose a major that has a bright futures and makes the most money. However ... more

Saturday, 24th February 2007 majors?
is there a college major that would enable me to work with dogs after I finish college?.....don't tell me veterinary school :) ... more

Wednesday, 27th September 2006

Question concerning college majors.?
I notice that a lot of people don't choose a major in college that they find interesting and have a strong desire to learn more about, but instead, they choose a major that they feel can get ... more

Friday, 10th August 2007

college majors question....?
im 17, a senior, and looking at college/universities right now. lets say i like a place because of things i see on their website, the only thing is that im into psychology and nutrition but ... more

Tuesday, 18th July 2006

About college majors....?
Ok. I'm gonna be a college student in 2007. So, when do i actually study my major? Additon, what is the difference between Bachlor's degree and Master's degree? ... more

Friday, 25th May 2007

Do they have adult entertainment in college and majors in?
I know i may not need to but regardless of that I WANT to go to college. and, I have LOTS of money, so, I wanna become a porn star. I am a 19 year old girl, what can I major in, or at least ... more

Tuesday, 10th April 2007

Does anybody know of great sites that can give you suggested careers and/ or college major
I'm having a dilemma: I can't choose between med school or law school. I'm a sophmore in college, and I MUST have a major declared before I transfer to a four year institution. Thanks! ... more

reyre s
Friday, 14th September 2007

What college majors do i need to become a Therapist?
I want to become a Therapist but need to know what to major in because i need to know which school i want to go too. Im really trying to find good psychology colleges in california, so if y ... more

Chris K
Monday, 15th October 2007

College Majors: Communications, Management or Poli. Sci?
I'm a freshman student at DePaul University in Chicago and I'm debating on what majors/minors to pick from. I like to write and think I'd make a good journalist but would probably like busin ... more

Thursday, 13th September 2007

College Majors and Careers Options...?
I'm currently halfway through a Psychology degree. I love Psychology, I spend much of my free time reading about it, and although it is an overly popular major, it can be invaluable to those ... more

Monday, 5th February 2007

good college majors and colleges in texas?
okay...i want to go to college in texas...near houston preferably and i want to do anything dealing with art...but, i'm mainly thinking photography or computer graphics...any ideas as to wha ... more

Sunday, 4th November 2007

College majors to choose for nanotechnology?
What specific major should I go into if I want to work in the field of nanotechnology/nanorobotics in the future. I was looking at material science and engineering, but it that essentially l ... more

Sunday, 7th October 2007

What college majors should I go for if I want to be a school psychologist? What about for
Right now I am at a community college basically getting liberal arts out of the way. I know that I'm interested in being a school psychologist or guidance counselor but I'm confused about wh ... more

Sunday, 1st July 2007

College Majors of the Rich?
Everyone knows about Gates and the billionaire dropouts, but what about those who stuck it out and finished school. Specifically what majors did some of the self made super rich end up gett ... more

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