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Saturday, 7th April 2007

online degrees?
whats up with online degrees every site i visit it says online degree onlind degree. what makes it so sepcial? what kind of degree is that? master-bec- etc... is it benfit for u career? how ... more

Sunday, 22nd October 2006

Online Degrees?
Does anybody know how an online degree works? What have you done? There are many advertising about online degrees. I don't know which online offer is okay. Can I become a lawyer with online ... more

Thursday, 13th September 2007

Online Degrees?
Are online degrees just as good a regular college degrees? Can you find acredited online colleges, if so what are good courses of study for degrees earned online? ... more

Sunday, 11th February 2007

Online Degrees?
Is online degree is worth? What are the best online degrees available in Transportation, Aviation or International relations? ... more

Thursday, 17th August 2006

Online degrees?
How much do we spend in order to get an online degree? I looked at a site (University of Phoenix) and it was too expensive. Do you know any cheaper online degree programs? Can you suggest so ... more

Thursday, 8th November 2007

Online degrees?
I already have an AS and have worked in my field for 15 years. I have found an accredited university that will let me "test out" online and pay for the classes. No where on the degree will ... more

amy g
Sunday, 21st January 2007

online degrees?
I am currently enrolled in an online accounting program to obtain my bachelors degree in accounting. I'm curious as to whether or not a person can attend 2 different schools at the same time ... more

Monday, 23rd April 2007

Online degrees?
Has anyone gotten an online degree from University of Phoenix, South University, Kapplan etc. How was your experience? Why do they required all applicants to talk to them on the phone befo ... more

Sunday, 10th September 2006

online degrees?
Anyone have any personal experience with obtaining an online degree? Did it help you find a job? Was it more helpful to you than just reading text books? Was it useful to you as a personal ... more

Alex A
Monday, 2nd July 2007

Online degrees?
has anybody gotten an online degree... im not a classroom person and thought this would be a good idea. what is the work like. was it easy to get a job. how were the classes and cost? wh ... more

Friday, 29th June 2007

online degrees?
Ok, im a mother of two, just graduated high school, work full time but still want to get my associates degree. At first i was going to just go to school a couple days a week and earn like th ... more

JDs Mommy
Saturday, 12th August 2006

Online Degrees?
I don't fully understand this whole thing. I'm deciding to go back to school and it's convenient to do it online. But my question is this, if I decided to get my Associate of Science in Psyc ... more

Friday, 29th June 2007

online degrees?
Ok, im a mother of two, just graduated high school, work full time but still want to get my associates degree. At first i was going to just go to school a couple days a week and earn like th ... more

Friday, 3rd August 2007

Online Degrees?
Can anybody tell me anything about getting a degree online? Is it a good idea or bad idea, and so on.. Any information will be appreciated. Thank You. ... more

Tuesday, 22nd August 2006

Online Degrees?
Anyone know much about Franklin University or AIU besides the fact that they are complety online? ... more

Friday, 28th September 2007

Online degrees?
I've been thinking about getting a masters in education online with University of Phoenix. Would anyone recommend it? Or should I just stick with the traditional education? ... more

Tuesday, 27th February 2007

online degrees?
i dont have time to go to a "traditional" college, but all the online schools iveseen have huge tuition rates, offer only business and lower echelon mdeical training and some just seem to be ... more

Friday, 29th June 2007

online degrees?
Has anyone ever got a job with a diploma/degree earned through the internet, like this one for example: I figure it is totally illegal. If so, why aren't they "hu ... more

Monday, 8th January 2007

Online Degrees?
I am unable to attend on-campus courses due to some health problems (I had to drop out of Indiana University) and I am looking for REPUTABLE universities that offer either biology or geology ... more

Saturday, 6th October 2007

online degree??? Why are ppl saying the degrees aren't that respected?
i know that the college i choose need to be regionally accredited, reputable and transferrable...i got that part. But my question is... ppl are saying that the online degrees are not respec ... more

Bethany M
Friday, 13th July 2007

Are online degrees considered as good to employers as actually going to class and earning
I am considering an online degree because I work full time and I am not able to get the classes I need at night at my local university. Online degrees are becoming more popular and are more ... more

Wednesday, 17th October 2007

Online college degrees...... Okay i get a bunch of u o p and other miscellaneous online de
i mean these online schools look completely fake. Im an undergrad at a state school and the way these schools sound is just way too good to b true. Why would u think u can get the same deg ... more

Friday, 31st August 2007

Are online degrees actually valuable?
Do companies actual choose someone with an online degree if they are up against someone with a degree from a "real life" college or university. I'm asking b/c I keep debating it for myself. ... more

Monday, 9th July 2007

Are Online Degrees good for hire?
I heard many stories about online schools: "they are good, they are bad, they are accredited, yes, they count, no they dont count"...regardless of what is said about the online schools, how ... more

Monday, 17th September 2007

Are online degrees legitimate(board certified/real), can people count on online degrees?
Are onlines degrees real, I want to get one..Im already in college, but can count on online degree.. Do you know a legitimate online degree website(s)... ... more

Sunday, 10th September 2006

How valuable are online degrees?
I want to finish my bachelor's degree. I've been considering obtaining it online however; I am concerned with the validity of an online degree in the business world. My reasoning for wanti ... more

Thursday, 25th January 2007

How are strickly online degrees viewed in the "working world" verses degrees from physical
I'm a single mother of a young child and I work a full time 8-5 job. I want to earn a degree in human resources, but with my already jam packed schedule, attending classes will not work for ... more

diane c
Wednesday, 17th October 2007

Are online degrees just as accepted at graduate schools as are regular undergrad degrees?
I am curious as it pertains to graduate schools as well as employers. Do they view online degrees the same as a regular four year degree? ... more

Wednesday, 14th June 2006

Are online degrees any good?
Do these online degrees have much value in the market. I am strictly talking of proffesional courses. I have researched some courses on the web but all of them are bit too expensive which th ... more

Jill Anne A
Monday, 2nd July 2007

Are online degrees really effective?
I just want to know why there are a lot of celebrities doing online degrees and a lot of advertisment from the yahoo and other search engines are seen about this online degrees. How is it d ... more

Wednesday, 29th August 2007

Do online degrees work?
I see adds all the time for online degrees like University of Phoenix and Devry ..theres lots of them. What I want to know is if I were to take these courses and get a degree or to be certif ... more

brianna b
Thursday, 30th August 2007

what is your opinion of online degrees, both bachelors and masters?
I excel at school when I am able to take classes online. Do employers have an opinion on online vs. traditional degrees? Are master's programs tougher to get into if the applicant has an onl ... more

Saturday, 3rd November 2007

How do you view online degrees?
Some people prefer independent study and choose to obtain a degree in the distance learning format. There are traditional schools who offer online degrees in addition to the classroom optio ... more

Melissa V
Thursday, 12th July 2007

How are online degrees looked upon in the business world? Would it be less credible than a
i am pursuing my MBA in accounting online and was wondering if and when i go job hunting how employers look at these degrees. are they looked upon with the same respect as traditional colleg ... more

Matt C
Tuesday, 27th February 2007

Are online degrees(BA,BS,MS,etc) any less (in any sense) than traditional degrees?
are certain degrees from online universities not as useful to have as they would be from traditional universities? ... more

Sunday, 4th February 2007

Are online degrees such as from the University of Phoenix looked at as real degrees from e
These degrees are always advertised, "Tired of your job? Earn your Bachelors or Masters online!" and I was just wondering if it is actually worth it to get one. I'm sure they're hard to get, ... more

Wednesday, 7th March 2007

Are online degrees taken seriously?
I have no intentions of getting one, (I'm already in a University...I was just curious) but are the ones from places like "University of Phoenix Online" taken seriously by workplaces? I see ... more

Wednesday, 10th January 2007

Online degrees? Specifically, BA in psychology?
I have three years of undergraduate school behind me and I am currently a psychology major. I am looking to either transfer or switch gears, though. I was wondering if anyone had any insigh ... more

Tuesday, 11th April 2006

How respectable are online degrees?
I've been thinking of gettind an online degree to help me change my career, and to get a job in the field i want to work in...but how exactly "good" are online degrees? Do employers take the ... more

Ryan G
Tuesday, 24th July 2007

What reputable colleges/universities offer online undergraduate degrees?
I am currently working full-time and would like to earn my undergraduate degree online from a reputable institution. My goal is to eventually take a break from work and relocate in order to ... more

Monday, 29th January 2007

Does te government give aid to online school degrees?
I am trying to get a bachelor's degree online. But they are very expensive. I was wondering if the state of georgia or the U.S. govt. give any sort of aid for online degrees. I am an ass ... more

Sunday, 21st January 2007

Actual credible online degrees?
I've heard froma couple military wives that they recieved degrees online because of the relocating. Which school are actually CREDIBLE? I know most are scams, over priced, or their "degrees" ... more

Friday, 20th July 2007

legitimate online degrees??
Does anyone know of any online colleges where you earn legitimate degrees to actually start a career with? Please be specific, I am having a hard time filtering out which ones are a scam a ... more

Friday, 20th July 2007

Are online degrees really legitimate?
If so, are some feilds better than others for online degrees? ... more

MySpace help
Friday, 10th August 2007

Can anyone recommend a good place to research online degrees or a good online education di
I am thinking about taking online courses. I wanted to know if there was a site that can show me a wide selections of online schools, online courses, online degrees and or online degree pro ... more

Tuesday, 20th June 2006

Do degrees from Online Universities hold weight in the real world?
Do companies respect online degrees as much as ones from a brick and mortar school? ... more

Friday, 25th May 2007

Why do people look at Online Degrees as cake walks? I earned my 4 year degree in 11 months
Most people look at an online degrees as bogus, but my school is accredited regionally which is the best. Plus I finished my 14 month program in 11 months and graduated with a 3.97 GPA, and ... more

Miss Alexis
Thursday, 6th September 2007

To what level do you respect the validity of online degrees?
Online degrees are available now in almost every aspect of the professional world. General Public: What are your thoughts on those who achieve their degrees online through accredited onlin ... more

Thursday, 2nd November 2006

What schools offer the best online degrees?
Ive been reading into online degrees, and even talked to a few of the schools admissions advisors. Im still undecided if its the best step for me. I have an associates degree from a tradit ... more

Peggy S
Friday, 5th May 2006

How do employers view degrees/certificates from online schools?
Do online degrees, particularly those from schools that are primarily or exclusively online, carry the same weight as a traditional degree? ... more

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