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Thursday, 31st August 2006

College Scholarships?
I am currently a college freshman, and I want to apply for some scholarships. Can anyone out there help me? First of all I am confused, although some deadlines have passed will they be t ... more

Thursday, 12th April 2007

college scholarships?
can anyone suggest a good scholarship program or online website for scholarships/grants that would be good for someone who wants to major in spanish. im starting college in the fall and its ... more

Monday, 28th May 2007

College scholarships?
I'm trying to help get my son in college, he really wants to go to the local technical college here in town. Can anyone tell what scholarships are available to him and which ones are not bas ... more

Lucky Duck
Sunday, 13th May 2007

college scholarships?
does anyone know any links for lists of college scholarships? Preferrably academic based (no sports based). do you know any scholarships for freshmen or sophomores? thanks!! ... more

Monday, 30th July 2007

College Scholarships?
I'm a junior in high school and am starting to look for some college scholarships. Is there a good legitimate website I could go to get some? And how do I go about getting scholarships anywa ... more

Tuesday, 13th March 2007

College Scholarships??
Does anyone know of any college essay scholarships where they don't give specific topics and you can choose your own? Or at least something where they ask for a personal life experience and ... more

Wednesday, 23rd May 2007

College Scholarships?
I am currently a high school junior and I am about to graduate from this year in a couple of weeks. However, it will only be another year until I go to college, and I would like to start sea ... more

Monday, 26th February 2007

College scholarships???
I am a sophomore in highschool. I am thinking about going to college at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and I was wondering when could I start applying for scholarships. Also, do y ... more

Tuesday, 10th July 2007

College Scholarships?
Where is best place to find scholarships for college on web? ... more

Mama Mary
Saturday, 18th August 2007

College Scholarships?
My daughter enrolled this sem in a community college. She's taking up nursing. She missed the orientation. She needs scholarship very badly. Where and how can she avail of this? (She's a new ... more

Dani B
Friday, 12th May 2006

College scholarships?
How long does it take to get a college scholarship? I'm getting ready to graduate and I've kind of lagged on the process but I have good grades and I think I could get one if I tried. ... more

Patricia G
Monday, 26th November 2007

College scholarships?
does failing a semster really hurt ur chances of getting into college and a scholarship? ... more

Wednesday, 20th September 2006

College scholarships?
Anyone have any suggestions for resources i.e., different scholarships that can be applied for? Any web links that are really good? Thanks! ... more

Sunday, 4th November 2007

College Scholarships?
If I am a junior in high school can I still apply for scholarships that I won't need for another year? Or should I wait until this summer when I am no longer a junior? ... more

Wednesday, 10th October 2007

College Scholarships!!!!!?
does any one know of any scholarships that are easily won or ones without essays by companys and such like the aeropostale one and the US bank one. i really don't want scholarship search web ... more

Saturday, 10th December 2005

College Scholarships?
Does anyone know where I can find scholarships that don't require any essays or reccommendations or anything? I'm lazy and need money. lol teraflop, thanks for the input, scumbag. -toby ... more

Justin D
Sunday, 25th March 2007

college scholarships?
were can i find scholarships ... more

Sunday, 7th January 2007

College scholarships?
My daughter is a high school Sr. She will be attending college, and will be going for theatrical studies. I am searching the internet for schlorships that are directed towards that, and po ... more

Tuesday, 26th June 2007

college scholarships?
I was wondering what my chances are for a scholarship in either lacrosse or wrestling. I'm a good wrestler in 7th and 8th grade i got 2nd in a county known for its wrestling.i also placed in ... more

Wednesday, 22nd August 2007

College Scholarships...?
Any of you know of websites or groups that might offer a scholarship to a Young Hispanic Male whose father is on disability? Big thanks if you respond. I need all the help I can get. ... more

lucas s
Monday, 1st January 2007
Friday, 22nd June 2007

College Scholarships for International Students.?
******Since my english is not good, please understand even if there is a rude or wrong expression. Hi, I'm a korean international student who is making plan for my school life in USA. But ... more

Tuesday, 28th August 2007

College Scholarships? help please?
I am currently an IB sophomore in high school, i plan on graduating with an average gpa of 3.4-3.6, and and i plan on receiving my IB diploma. I also plan on getting decent scores on my sat/ ... more

Tuesday, 28th August 2007

College Scholarships? help please?
I am currently an IB sophomore in high school, i plan on graduating with an average gpa of 3.4-3.6, and and i plan on receiving my IB diploma. I also plan on getting decent scores on my sat ... more

Tuesday, 25th September 2007

College scholarships help?
I'm looking to get a scholarship for college. I have a 3.5 G.P.A, over 130 hours of community service, and a honors diploma. Where can I get scholarships? I'm interested in several colleges ... more

Saturday, 24th March 2007

Problems with College / Scholarships...?
I was accepted into my first choice college, but was not offered any scholarships or financial aid. No other school can offer me the same opportunities as this college, but I plan on becomin ... more

Monday, 29th May 2006

Do College Scholarships Count Against Pell Grants and Loans?
If a person gets 2500 in scholarships for community college, does that count against the amount of pell grant and loans he can get? Or does the scholarship pay for tuition and then the re ... more

Saturday, 24th March 2007

Problem with College & Scholarships...?
I was accepted into my first choice college, but was not offered any scholarships or financial aid. No other school can offer me the same opportunities as this college, but I plan on becomin ... more

Tuesday, 13th November 2007

Ways to get college scholarships?
Right now I am a sophmore in college and I am planning on going to college as soon as I graduate. My grades are not amazing or anything because I have several severe learning disorders. I do ... more

Edward N
Thursday, 27th July 2006

Available college scholarships for adopted children in NJ?
I am looking for college scholarships or grants for adopted children who live in New Jersey and will attend a state college in New Jersey. ... more

Tuesday, 13th February 2007

College Scholarships for homeless youth?
I have a client who is about to be the first person in her family to attend college. She is homeless. Does anyone know of any scholarships she can receive? Thanks! ... more

Wednesday, 29th August 2007

Scholarships for college?
Any good sites for getting college scholarships? Im a high school senior, need to apply for them. ... more

Tuesday, 2nd October 2007

Need help finding college scholarships!?
I am a high school senior looking for a scholarship to be used towards tuition at a 4-year college here in Washington state. Does anyone have information on any scholarships? Please no links ... more

Saturday, 28th April 2007

College scholarships or grants for some with a GED?
i got a ged what kind of scholarships and grants can i get to go to college ... more

Wednesday, 25th July 2007

Anyone know any college scholarships I can apply for?
Here's my description: I didn't do very well at my high school years though. I'm asian-american, currently 21, graduated in 2004. I wasn't at first going to college, but I decided to furth ... more

Wednesday, 7th February 2007

2007 college scholarships for current students?
I am searching for college scholarships for current students already enrolled in an university. Perfer none to minimal requirements, but open to all oppurtunities. ... more

Friday, 6th July 2007

Where can I find college scholarships for left handed people????
I am helping someone look for scholarships for college and he is left handed. Any ideas for scholarship sites that he can apply for???? ... more

Saturday, 15th July 2006

are there any scholarships and financial aid for college latino people?
I need to know if there are any college scholarships or financial aid for hispanic people who want to go to college but can barely afford it and if possible which is the best college for a l ... more

Saturday, 29th September 2007

are there any college scholarships i can apply for even though im only a sophomore in high
cause most scholarships are for juniors and seniors to apply for, and even college students. i really want to get started right now. ... more

Monday, 8th January 2007

Are there any college scholarships for kids with ADHD or OCD?
A student of mine is preparing to go to college and she is wondering if there are any scholarships out there for her disability. ... more

Friday, 24th August 2007

b/c of certain family issues.. I think i will not go to college after graduating,, imeddiately i mean.. but i hav good gpa... CAN I STILL GET THE SAME EQUIVALENCE OF SCHOLARSHIPS. FINANCIAL ... more

Friday, 2nd March 2007

Where can I find lesser known college scholarships?
There are some scholarships out there that noone knows about. I have applied to a few scholarships on, but I am looking for a site that might be less popular. My grades were de ... more

shevone j
Saturday, 9th June 2007

where can i find college scholarships that i can fill out online?
i need to find college scholarships that i can fill out online ... more

Trish L
Monday, 23rd April 2007

Where can I find College Scholarships and Grants?
My daughter is a Junior in high school and is active in band , newpaper , NHS and is 24th in her class of 490. I am a single hispanic mom and am worried how i will pay her way through colleg ... more

Tuesday, 20th February 2007

Any good (real) websites for college scholarships for disabled people?
If you know of any websites for college scholarships for disabled people? I have gone to a lot of links which are jus endless links to junk mail or ads. ... more

Saturday, 30th June 2007

wheres a good place 4 scholarships 4 college?
any website or numbers 4 college scholarships in california or nation wide. ... more

Tuesday, 15th August 2006

Do you know how to find unused college scholarships?
I've heard there are many college scholarships for things like being left handed. Does anyone know of a good resource for finding these without paying a "broker"? ... more

Thursday, 14th June 2007

What websites can i go to to find college scholarships withouth having the greatest GPA.?
What websites can i go to to find college scholarships withouth having the greatest GPA.? I don't play any sports or any music or anything like that either. ... more

Tuesday, 11th July 2006

I would like the websites for easy and quick college scholarships.?
I would scholarships for a student just entering college in the Fall and for a student who will be a Junior in the Fall. ... more

Sunday, 21st January 2007

If my child attends a private high school is it less likely that she will be awarded colle
The concern is that scholarship providers may assume that since we can afford to provide a private high school education, she will be viewed as someone less likely to need college scholarshi ... more

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